Your Week Will Not Be Complete Until We Discuss Bodysuits & Playsuits

From a fashion standpoint, bodysuits and playsuits are as fun as they sound. With style versatility that’s equalled only by their figure flattering attributes, every woman needs at least one playsuit and bodysuit in her wardrobe.

What is a bodysuit?

Bodysuits are the everyday equivalent of a unitard — a tight, one-piece garment made from stretchy material with snaps or buttons that fasten between the legs so that you don’t have to take your entire suit off to use the bathroom. Bodysuits can either be used as as foundation for an outfit (for instance, underneath a blouse, blazer or cardigan) or as a top itself. It depends the look you are going for, but either works.

Benefits of Bodysuits

In addition to the aforementioned style versatility and their ability to look great on any figure, bodysuits also allow you seamless style. Since they are one piece, they fit snugly and smoothly into pants and skirts. This means you can bend over without having to worry about your shirt becoming untucked.

What is a playsuit (or jumpsuit)?

Also called jumpsuits, playsuits are another example of one-piece fashion genius. A playsuit, however, is an entire article of clothing, covering your torso as well as at least part of your legs. The exact length will differ slightly, but the hemline of a jumpsuit tends to fall at the knee or to the ankle: anything shorter would be considered a playsuit.

Perks of Playsuits and Jumpsuits

Playsuits and jumpsuits are a wonderful alternative to dresses, allowing women to get a gorgeous, sophisticated style while still being afforded the movement luxury of pants. What’s more, it is an outfit in itself, so while you have the comfort and look of pants, you don’t have to worry about selecting a top.

Where to Get Bodysuits, Playsuits and Jumpsuits

Both bodysuits, playsuits and jumpsuits can be found just about anywhere these days, from the mall, to boutiques to online stores. If you are buying on the internet, make sure you purchase from a reputable, quality store. While you should really always buy quality, it is especially important when buying one-piece fashion, since fit is arguably more important than ever. Designer Forum jumpsuits online and bodysuits is a great example of retailer who prides itself on curating the best of brand attire with solid sizing charts to help you select the best size for you. Reputable online boutiques will also offer good return policies, so if something doesn’t fit just as you intended, you know you can exchange it for a size or style that does.

And size is everything…

Having a solid handle on your torso measurements has never been more important. Remember, these garments are one-piece, so your crotch to shoulder length is a necessary measurement, as well as the usual measurements of bust, waist and hips.

Now you know why and where and how to shop for a bodysuit, playsuit or jumpsuit, so go out there and get your hands (and hips) on (and into) these incredible and stylish fashion staples!

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