Your Skirt Hanger Buying Guide This Holiday Season

The same qualities that make a great trouser hanger also happens to make a great skirt hanger. That’s why you will often see these hangers listed as “trouser-skirt” hangers.

What should you be on the lookout for? Natural, walnut, and butterscotch tonewoods are a good place to start, but you can’t sacrifice functionality for the sake of aesthetics.

You should search for skirt hangers that feature solid wood construction and come with two sturdy clasps. These clasps should ideally be movable to fit all of your skirts. Here are some product options to consider.

Zober Space Saving Skirt Hanger

The Zober space saving skirt hanger breaks a few of the rules in that you’re getting a multi-purpose, stainless steel hanger that can hold jeans, work pants, and slacks in addition to skirts.

While the best skirt hangers are made from wood, the Zober trades aesthetics for versatility. This skirt hanger is designed for smaller closets or seasonal storage. These kinds of versatile multi-purpose hangers can serve a purpose in your wardrobe even if you decide to hang your finer skirts on higher quality wooden hangers from brands like Butler Luxury.

The Zober space saving skirt hanger comes with chrome hardware, easy grip rubber clips so that your skirts won’t budge in storage, and rounded-off edges (non-exposed) so that your skirts will stay safely in place without fear of tearing.

House Day Wooden Skirt Hangers

House Day wooden skirt hangers come with a butterscotch finish, but what really distinguishes these hangers is the 360-degree polished chrome swivel hooks.

The ability to swivel provides the opportunity to check your garments before taking them off the clasp and out of the closet. This is a desirable feature you’ll definitely want to have in next skirt hanger.

The non-slip clips are adjustable and slide easily along the bar to accommodate different pants, slacks, and skirts, no matter the size.

Tosnail Skirt Hanger

The Tosnail skirt hanger features a solid metal construction and the aforementioned adjustable clips.

The clips on these hangers can be adjusted from five inches to eleven inches, which should provide plenty of options for all of the different skirts in your wardrobe.

A chrome finish and non-slip back vinyl should ensure that these skirt hangers stick around for the long haul and provide years of reliable service.

This particular selection comes in a pack of four with the option of hanging your skirts on any one of four tiers (four tiers per skirt hanger). That means that you can hang sixteen skirts and save a ton of space.

Butler Luxury Skirt Hangers

Butler Luxury skirt hangers come in three upscale finishes: dark matte walnut espresso, deep butterscotch, and whitewash. These skirt hangers are guaranteed to provide the highest quality protection without leaving any marks.

You’ll also have the ability to adjust the non-slip clips to your liking. Sold in sets of five, Butler Luxury skirt hangers can help you finally consolidate your wardrobe and save space without sacrificing aesthetics.

Butler Luxury Gift Package

Complete your wardrobe and facilitate smoother traveling this holiday season with the Tailor Made Hangers gift package from Butler Luxury.

This gift package makes for a wonderful present because it contains something for him and her – three Tailor Made suit hangers and three museum quality cotton garment bags suitable for traveling and protecting skirts and women’s cocktail ensembles.

Gift cards make perfect stocking stuffers as well, and men’s shirt hangers are ideal for showcasing shirts intended as holiday gifts.

Still thinking about holiday gifts? Consider picking up a Butler Luxury gift card and allowing your significant other to choose their own favorites this holiday season! Gift packages also available.

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