A dash of color can change the way your room looks entirely. Just switch the plain white to a bright yellow or orange and look at how different your room looks despite everything being the same except the color of the walls. Who said you need to spend millions to give your room a makeover? Who said you need to hire an interior designer to transform your interiors? You can easily do it yourself, or you can hire a professional painter to do the job!

Do Not Forget to Apply Primer Before You Paint Your Walls

Professional Painter
Professional Painter

Yes, paint is the main element here, but there is another thing that many forget when they go to the paint store, the primer. Many think that they do not need a primer; they can paint the walls without a primer. Well, you can paint the walls without a primer, but the color will not come out well. Especially if your walls were colored green or blue and you are not choosing to paint your walls in pale pink. Applying a primer will cover up the previous color and also any imperfections that your wall had, and allow the paint to sit properly. Investing a little more into interior painting will produce a marvelous result! Always make sure to clean the walls properly before you apply any primer or paint on it.

If you are hiring a professional painter, then you do not have to worry about any of these. He will take care of everything.

Paint Brushes or Rollers–Which One Should You Use?

You can use both, honestly. You can use whichever one you are more comfortable with. But professional painters recommend using rollers instead of brushes. This is because brushes are more time consuming than rollers. It takes more effort to paint a whole wall using a brush. With rollers, you can cover more in a short period. If you opt to use rollers instead of brushes, you have to buy rollers and handles to use with that.

Water-Based or Oil-Based Paint–Which One Should You Opt For?

It can be quite confusing when you read the label oil-based and latex-based. All paints can be divided into two solvents water and oil. All the colors that you see in the store labelled as latex are actually water-based. None of these contains latex. Some water-based paints can even contain acrylic and are labelled as acrylic latex. Likewise, the colors that are labelled as oil-based are not exactly oil-based. They are solvents of alkyd resin or mineral spirits.

Water-based paints are the most popular paints that is used in residential structures. Various other options are available in water-based paints. These paints are a lot more environmentally friendly than alkyd paints as they contain less volatile organic compounds. Water-based paints are mold and mildew resistant. It dries up pretty fast and can also be cleaned easily with water and soap.

Professional Painter
Professional Painter

On the other hand, alkyd paints are mostly used in wet areas. Wet areas include bathrooms and the sink area. This is because alkyd paints are highly durable and have a higher sheen than water-based paints. Alkyd paints can withstand more wear and tear than latex paints. You can even scrub the walls that are painted with alkyd paints without causing any damage. They are mostly used to paint the bathrooms, cabinetry, and floors. These paints are great at hiding imperfections, so if you decide not to hire a professional painter, painting the walls with alkyd paints will hide your lack of skills.

However, if you have less knowledge about paints and are pressed for time, it is best to hire a professional painter because they know how to use both of these paints.

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