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Yoga Vs. Plastic Surgery - Likeitgirl

One of the most basic principles of yoga is that of liberation. Yoga teaches us to free our minds of the trappings of the world. Doing yoga is a constant process that asks us to improve ourselves and untangle our lives.

That’s why cosmetic surgery and yoga—for some people—shouldn’t mix.

You need to love every inch of your body as it is. Liberation is the key to happiness, don’t you think?

One of the main reasons people get cosmetic surgery is that they think it will improve their quality of life by boosting their self-esteem. An important component of yoga is separating yourself from the opinions of others, which is why you need to ask yourself if you’re simply seeking others’ approval or if you think surgery will improve your quality of life.

Plastic surgery can signplastic surgeryificantly help you out in a variety of ways. Maybe it’s a major part of developing your self-esteem through a better self-image. Or perhaps you have a disorder that makes it difficult to keep a shape that you’re comfortable with. There are more reasons to get surgery than I care to count!

Surgery after significant weight loss, for example, can remove those pesky flaps of skin that could be causing rashes or infections. If you are willing to exercise and eat healthier to maintain your post-surgery body, then it’s great to get those irritations taken care of.


If you aren’t sure how your possible surgery will affect your life, consider Brenda Blanco’s experience. She got breast implants to help with her insecurity, but all she did was worsen those feelings. She found herself wondering whether she was a good yoga instructor or if people joined her class because she was attractive. Plus, she found herself having trouble doing some of the yoga poses that she was trying to teach. Lying on her stomach, for example, was nearly impossible with her implants.

In the end, she decided to get her implants removed. They had separated her from the idea of loving herself. Her implants were in the way of her happiness. That’s just one person, of course, so don’t go running to get your implants removed if you like having them!

Surgery is more or less a permanent decision, so you should do your research and determine if it’s something that you want.yoga

This isn’t to say that breast implants are evil or that no one should get them. You can still love your body and your yoga, but getting implants should involve you weighing the pros and cons first. An advantage of implants can be bringing your body back to its pre-cancerous state, for instance. But implants may give you the same problems Brenda had. Or maybe they won’t. Insecurities can come from anywhere and can harm anyone.

You have to continue to work at it. Your insecurities won’t go away on their own. It’s up to you to learn to love yourself, and only you can choose what you want to do with your body, whether that involves surgery or not. Just remember to keep calm and go OMMMM.

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