The Naked Truth

“The Naked Truth” is the voice of likeitGirl, and is a self-expression web magazine for women, written by women or men who love women, regardless of their age, origin, profession, interests, or geographic location. The content is authentic, unique, and original because genuine freedom of speech is the main driver.

Self-expression community magazine

likeitGirl is a platform and a female community you can be part of.
If you are passionate about a topic and want to share your opinion, experiences, viewpoints, or tips, then look no further and join in. The Naked Truth magazine within the likeitGirl community is your space to talk about fashion, wellness, music, travel, sex, cooking, news, decorating, motherhood… the list goes on.

The Naked Truth: 5 reasons to write for the magazine

1. Express yourself
There is no editorial team; you are completely free to write on any topic of your choice. The content is authentic, unique, and original because it is yours. Share your stories on likeitGirl the way you would with your girlfriends and feed the community, with no geographical limitation. You stay connected with the community by getting direct feedback and comments.

2. Reach a wide target audience
likeitGirl already has over 10,000 targeted subscribers and direct contacts, and a potential of hundreds of thousands of new contacts with each campaign. likeitGirl’s job is to make sure your article on The Naked Truth reaches as many people as possible globally. Your article will not only be published on likeitGirl’s home page, that is promoted via targeted marketing campaigns, but also shared on Facebook and other social networks through strong media campaigns. So all you have to do is to pick a topic and we’ll do the rest.

3. Unleash your professional potential
The Naked Truth will be your showcase and communication channel: Your profile, promoted through your posts, will include links to your website, Facebook, Twitter accounts, and so on. Your submitted articles will become an undeniable entry point thanks to the wide readership and exclusive visibility the likeitGirl community is offering you. You can also include a short bio (2-3 sentences or 120 words max) when you create or edit your account.

4. Enjoy flexibility & freedom
You can contribute a post when you like. Which means no deadlines, except the ones you create for yourself! The wealth and diversity of the likeitGirl content allows you to manage your schedule without committing to publish on a regular basis. There will always be new articles.

Moreover, the brands present on likeitGirl won’t be involved in The Naked Truth, you therefore benefit from a total freedom of speech, even if you cover related topics. likeitGirl is particularly insistent on this aspect, which is our essential key differentiator.

5. Benefit from the support and experience of a team of professionals
The likeitGirl team of professionals will support you by reviewing your work and helping you, where needed, and give your post a title to optimize visibility and interest. You can also get support choosing high-quality photos or even producing professional photos or videos, where possible, making your work look great! (

How to write an article

1. Follow these 3 steps:

a) Become a member by creating your account
b) Create your profile (including a profile picture and a brief bio, if you wish)
c) Create your article within the online editor (it will be published upon validation)

2. What you need to know:

  • Word count: There is no minimum, but ideally between 250 and 800 words. Please stay under 800 words.
  • Tone: Open, accessible, objective and generally positive. We want you to be able to express your own opinion and share your viewpoint on any topic you like freely and openly, but it needs to be constructive and ethically correct (see terms of use).
  • Content type: You would ideally write original pieces but can also copy and paste a piece that you have published elsewhere, as long as you feel it is in line with “The Naked Truth” web mag. You can write about anything you like that could be of interest to other women. See likeitGirl as a female community you are a part of where you can talk about fashion, wellness, music, travel, sex, cooking, news, decorating, motherhood…and so on. Just choose your category when publishing. If you wish to share an article that is not from you, you can do so by adding an introductory paragraph saying why you are sharing it and quoting the source.
  • Content structure: An accessible article for example, might be structured in bullet points or numbered paragraphs (ie: 10 reasons to…; 7 tips I learned from…; 5-steps to gorgeous make-up…). That way the reader can easily identify if the article is of interest and potentially directly access what she’s looking for. This is not a must and a “classic” article layout is also fine.
  • Cities: If you share tips about your city and what to visit/where to go, you can of course keep it shorter and use a bullet-point style. Please make sure to include a short introductory paragraph saying why you picked these places as well as the directions to get there (address, website, phone number).
  • Facts: If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece, please include a link to that source. If you’re claiming something, tell us how you know (Drinking 2 liters of water per day is healthy, as confirmed by my improved skin quality after 2 weeks).
  • In order to submit content to likeitGirl, you have to accept our terms, and any form of editing that the likeitGirl team might have to apply.

6 tips to write a great article

1. Write in your own voice: A great post will sound like a real person wrote it, and it will have a distinctive voice. If you’re not sure what “voice” means in this context, think about it this way: how would you explain your idea to a good friend? Use that conversational tone when you write! This is very personal and we wouldn’t advise you trying to imitate a tone you like to read or that sounds “professional”. Be yourself!

2. Keep it short: These don’t need to be long posts! Just 800 words or less is great! If you’re going to offer tips, include a short introductory paragraph explaining why you’re offering this advice. Are you an expert on the topic? Did you struggle to understand the issue and want to share your knowledge?

3. Delete needless words: Delete needless words: Sometimes people use several words when just one will do the trick. We recommend taking one look at your piece to make sure you’re only including words that are absolutely necessary.

4. Use an authoritative voice: It’s understood that likeitGirl posts are the opinion of the author. As the writer, you’re the expert on your own opinion! For this reason, you don’t need to use phrases like, “in my opinion,” or “I believe,” which detract from the idea you’re trying to convey.

5. Include an amazing photo: Remember, this is what people see first. Make sure the photo you’re choosing is a gorgeous, professional-quality one that will tease your readers’ curiosity to want and know more. You should have at least one header photo but you can add more photos in the body of the text to further explain what you describe in your posts. These photos should be you or a model and should help explain what you are describing. You can also use videos as tutorials that you can record yourself. These photos should be original and high-quality. Please e-mail if you need support.

6. Quote your sources, especially for well-being and health-related topics: If you mention a statistic or a study, please include a link to that source. If you’re claiming that something is true, tell us how you know. You are responsible for what you write. If you share an article or content from another article, quote your source by including the url.

Finally, ask yourself these 5 questions before submitting your article

1. Is my piece inspiring, informative, and/or educational? 
Posts featured on likeitGirl are positive and informative. If your piece is detracting, or sarcastic, it’s probably not for us.

2. Has this already been covered on likeitGirl?
Make sure to have a look at what’s been published on The Naked Truth to avoid duplicates. If you wish to write about something that has already been covered, ask yourself how your piece can add to what’s already there. Perhaps your submission can elaborate on one aspect that didn’t get a lot of attention.

3. What’s a great title?
Remember: readers are busy. A good title has the potential to grab their attention and make them want to read your piece. If you’re stuck trying to create one, ask yourself What is my article about? How will reading this article make someone learn something new, interesting? How would I explain this to a friend?

4. Is my first paragraph succinct?
You only get one chance to make a first impression! Does your introductory sentence make the reader want to continue? Does your first paragraph tell the reader very clearly and succinctly what the article will be about?

5. Am I offering clear information?
If you will be providing tips in your article, or recommending places to go, artists to discover, and so on, make sure that the tips can be implemented easily and the information you are sharing is clear and precise.

A few questions you could ask yourself to write your bio, if you lack inspiration

1. What do I want to share about my professional and personal experience?
2. What is a relevant reason for why I want to express myself or share experiences?
3. What do I expect people to take away with them after reading my articles?
4. Why likeitGirl?

Your bio should be less than 120 words.