Workout Clothes that Double as Travel Outfits

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The idea of being stylish and feeling comfortable has never been more possible than over the last decade. More than any other occasion, we want to be at our most stylish and most comfortable when we are travelling, so that we can relax while we are on holiday but we can look back on photos and not cringe at the bad outfits we wore.

Nothing says comfort more than workout clothes and with the growth and popularity of athleisure, finding fashionable workout pieces that can be worn as everyday clothes has never been easier. This said, here is a list of workout clothes that you can rock when travelling so that you can feel good and look utterly stylish.


This fashion piece can be worn with anything from a tank top and sports bra when doing yoga; to a camisole top and a leather jacket for a night on the town.


Pairing sneakers with dresses, playsuits and other non-sporty fashion pieces is the hottest trend which makes it perfect for those holidays where you are planning to walk a lot!


Similar to a sports bra, the bralette is a feminine piece, usually with lace details, that is more comfortable than a regular bra and can be worn over a sheer top or blouse.

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Shorts have never really gone out of style. Whether you are running a 5k early in the morning or walking all over Rome, you can rock shorts with ease during those warm summer days.

Spaghetti strap tops

Prettier than regular tank tops, spaghetti strap tops are easy, flowy and they can be paired with anything from denim jeans to a midi skirt.

Plain white T shirt

Classic and a wardrobe staple, a plain white T shirt is a great piece to travel with which you can pair with yoga pants to work out on a tropical beach or paired with a lace midi skirt for a romantic dinner in Paris.


Lightweight, comfortable and great for those rainy days, the Parka jacket can be used for running as well as paired with denim and a great pair of boots when you have rainy weather on holiday.

The hoody dress

This type of dress is the right combination of comfort and feminine vibes. Perfect to play tennis or to lounge in. You can also rock the hoodie dress on the plane to be at your most comfortable or on a beach over your swimsuit.

Bomber jacket

Cozy and so on trend, the bomber jacket can easily be worn post workout as well as when travelling to destinations with colder temperatures.

The slouchy jogger

This sporty piece has been taken to another level over the last few seasons. Long gone are the days when joggers were only worn with sneakers, these days, this piece can just as well be worn with a great pair of heels and a blouse for understated and elegant style.

Mesh T-shirt

Perfect when you want to add that sheer element to your outfit, the mesh T shirt looks great paired with a bralette and denim jeans.

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