Work Talk: Are You in a Healthy Environment?

Sitting in your office in 6750 Ayala, have you ever pondered upon if you are currently in a healthy workplace? Sure, you might be getting a high amount of money, well-respected in your field and whatnot, but can you say that your work environment is nourishing not just your wallet but also your being?

This post does not mean to condone any work or whatnot. We aim to present some things you might want to consider in your work talk to see if you are in a healthy work environment:

Sound Conversations vs. Gossip

In your work environment, which is commonly observed during your lunch talks? Is it sound conversations or gossips? Let us see the significant differences between the two:

Sound or healthy discussions do not only happen during meetings where everybody is expected to be objective and professional. Even during break time, you can continue having fruitful discourses over different matters – be it about work, politics, society, and whatnot. But there is a thin line between having a conversation and gossiping about other people.

Though some might argue that gossip is nothing but normal in a workplace, it should still be avoided. Gossip is where you talk behind someone’s back, and spreading unconfirmed stories or rumors. Instead of engaging in that activity, try to confront the person and clarify the matter. In that sense, you are showing how professional you are.

Competent vs. Overly competitive

Whether you are in a corporate setup or not, for sure you are always thriving to be better and hopefully achieve the best version of yourself. Not just as a person but also a competent individual in the work setting. But what is the difference between being competent and competitive?

First off, I would like to clarify that there is nothing wrong with being competent and competitive. I believe being one of which could help us in some way. It is just that we have to know where we should draw the line of being overly competitive.

A healthy work environment fosters competent people. It motivates you to become better and improve on your skills and abilities. On the other hand, being overly competitive exhausts your talents in a wrong way. You know you’re in an unhealthy work environment if your workmates believe that to be on top of the ladder, they should see others go down.

Call of duty vs. Uncalled for overtime

Reporting to work is of course expected to each employee and even to employers. We have to deliver what is asked of us. Nevertheless, we should know if we are being productive and responding to our call of duty, and if our employers are already taking advantage of us.

We can say that we respond to our call of duty if we do what we are ought to do. We follow the rules and know that we are not an exception. We maximize our time in our workplace or during our duty. In short, we are productive.

On the other hand, an unhealthy work environment takes advantage of their employees. Some ask you to report way beyond your work hours without proper compensation and justifiable reason as to why you should do that in the first place. If you see yourself working in this kind of situation, you have to address your concerns to the authorities.

Genuine connections vs. User-friendly relationships

Others say that it is almost impossible for one to find genuine friendships in the workplace. Most, if not all, want to be on top and you should be smart in finding your way there. Given that cut-throat competition in our office, it would be quite a challenge to differentiate genuine connections and user-friendly relationships.

A healthy work environment won’t make you feel like your co-workers are enemies instead they are your partners. On the other side, user-friendly relationships are toxic. It takes a toll on our behavior and attitude towards other people, especially on trust.

Development and improvement vs. Stagnant and sluggish

If your current workplace hinders you from being more productive and makes it difficult for you to work on your self-improvement, you might be lagging behind. A healthy work environment should be able to help you develop and discover more about yourself. It should be an avenue where you can unleash your potentials and realize your other skills and abilities. If it does the other way around, meaning you feel like you are just stuck on wherever you are, you have to find your way out!

It does not mean that you have to file your resignation immediately after realizing that your work can make you feel stagnant and sluggish. Maybe you would want to talk to about it first, consult with your fellow workmates particularly to the higher-ups and see where you can find a way to challenge ourselves to improve and be better.

At the end of it all, we know that our career does not only rest on the numbers in our salary but also lies on different factors – career development, good management, professional workmates, in short, a healthy and well-functioning work environment. Each one of us has different sets of negotiables. So what are yours?

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