Work, Dinner & Play – 3 Premium Watches for Men

A classy and elegant wrist watch is a staple for every occasion. Be it a dinner party, work or sports time, there is always a plethora of options to choose from. Renowned global brands like Timex have launched an abundant series of luxury watches for men and women that will complement your fashion sense.   

If you are looking to buy watches online in India, make sure that you pick the right wrist watch for yourself. While some choose to stay very minimalistic with the designs and features, others overdo it. A wrist watch should never appear ostentatious or gaudy,  or as huge as a clock. The perfect wrist watch is subtle, classy, charming, and one that blends in with your attire. Be it a tuxedo, business-casual or the casual jeans and t-shirt, there is a wrist watch intended for every look you choose.

With that being said, enlisted below are premium watches that are quintessential for particular occasions.     

For Work



Upgrade to style and fashion with the Timex INTELLIGENT QUARTZ T2N810-1. This wrist watch is an epitome of elegance and functionality, boasting a splendid 46mm stainless steel coated case attached to a secure rubber band. Perfect for your work place, this Timex watch has an exquisite, sleek, and subtle look that gives it a sense of unmatched luxury. It is replete with features like water resistant up to 200 metres. The elegant black dial sits under a mineral crystal that manifests a stylish look and an easy-to-read-display. Beneath the sophisticated and classy exterior, sits the independent motors and digital sensors that make it one of the finest watches you can come across.    

For Dinner



The Timex TWEG16704 is an elegant piece of art work. When it comes to luxury watches for men, especially for a dinner, the idea is to wear something aesthetically astounding that makes onlookers envious. Due to their versatile nature, they have become one of the most famous watches among men. This incredible Timex watch boasts a 21 JEWEL AUTOMATIC-self-winding mechanical movement with 42 Hour Power Reserve, cased in a rose gold stainless steel body. Attached to a brown leather strap, the beautiful silver skeleton dial and curve blend in perfectly with the exterior body of the watch. Perfect match for dinner parties!

For Play 


The Timex Blink is anew generation innovation meant for fitness freaks. With unique features like tracking steps with motion sensors, sleep, daily activities, this is one of the latest watches for men that will allow you to have full control over your daily life. By continuous monitoring of health, this unique watch has made people’s life easier. Also, this Timex fitness watch can easily sync in with your Android or IOS with the help of Bluetooth and send notification updates every time a call or text is received. Available with 3ATM rating, Timex Blink collection is splash proof and works just fine in the rain.

Other than the options mentioned, you can go for other sophisticated and elegant watches by Timex that are already high on men’s popularity lists.

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