Women’s Shoe Styles That Are Made for Walking

Finding a comfortable and stylish pair of women’s walking shoes can be a challenge. Most women don’t want to compromise fashion for function, but when it comes to walking shoes, function is so vitally important. Unlike that pair of heels you slip into for an hour or two and then take off, walking shoes are meant to take you places. They need to be in it for the long haul.

Thankfully, with today’s amazing range of women’s footwear fashion, you don’t need to sacrifice style for practicality. You can have it all — if you know what to look for. We’re here to take the guess work out of your shopping so here are your best bets for staying trendy during your treks.


Sneakers are one of the most cool, casual and comfortable ways to walk in style. Offering both coverage and support, a good quality pair of sneakers will keep your feet happy during even the most intrepid journey.

What’s more, sneakers are easy to style with a range of casual looks, from shorts to skirts to dresses to jeans and capris. So, if you’re an urban trekker or a world traveller, you need to get your hands on (and feet into) a pair of solid sneakers.

2. Loafers

Loafers are classic. Chic and polished, these shoes offer a slightly more formal sort of walking shoe. This means you can wear them for a casual stroll around town, or into the office. Just make sure you are investing in a quality pair of loafers with adequate arch support. This will ensure your feet, ankles and back stay comfortable during long periods on your feet.

3. Chunky Sandals

If you’re looking for a little less coverage from your walking footwear, but don’t want to risk the health of your tender tootsies in a pair of flip flops, aim for a stylish pair of chunky sandals. These sandals will have more support throughout the sole, as well as on the sides. They can can even have ankle support. The point is to give your feet as much stability as possible so you can walk as long as you’d like.

Want a heel?

That’s cool. While walking in heels for days on end is not recommended, since it can shorten your achilles tendon and lead to lower back problems, you can wear a little heel quite comfortably  — and without long-term damage to your feet  — if you limit the frequency with which you wear them.

Tips for selecting a walking heel:

  • Opt for a thicker heel. This will provide more support for your heel, ankle and back.
  • Steer clear of pointed toes. This will crush your feet, making walking extremely uncomfortable. Wide toe shoes or open toe shoes are ideal.
  • Look for a thick, flexible sole. A thick sole will ensure your arch is getting the stability it needs, while still being able to facilitate fluid movement.  

Now go out there and get stepping in comfort and style!

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