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With my friend’s birthday I announce my wedding with her - Likeitgirl

Friendship, the jewel of life, and that jewel you never want to put off while want to wear again and again, and of different designs and varieties. Life without friendship, you could not imagine. A true friend in life is everything, the one on whom you can count on, and the one who can count on you. One such person in life who is always there for you, the one with whom you feel your heart and life connected, and do all the adventures of life.

Life without a true friend is like sailing alone on a shore and you can’t hear anything, while just floating ceaselessly in unknown directions. Hence if you have a true friend, then cherish your life with him/her and if not then wait for the one that could make your life whole and fill up that space which you are looking for long to be filled up by. 

I have a true and a very good friend in life. She is everything for me and I am everything for her. Tomorrow is her birthday and I am going to give her a grand birthday gift. Even though she has everything in life, even me whom she doesn’t want to lose as she often says. I am going to give her an adventure trip with me. She always wanted to go with me but I could not find time. So on her 21th birthday this trip I will be giving her. Even though she doesn’t know about this, it is just a surprise which I am telling you only.

Besides all this, I am going to give her a big greeting card in which whatever you want to say her written and with all these happy birthday wishes. All the good things for her. If you also are looking for some of the best mesmerizing lines for your friend on birthday, you can find a unique collection of heart touching happy birthday wishes for friend on the internet available. 

My friend’s name is Deepika. She is mechanical engineer, and with the celebration of her this birthday, we will also be announcing our marriage for next year. I know it is pretty every early and quick. But we both love each other and we know we can’t live without. There is extremely close understanding between us. So we don’t think any other person other than us for us would be a suitable match.

The birthday celebration in Jaipur, and we belong to Udaipur. We all be there in Jaipur by tomorrow night. It is just one day celebration. Everything has been prepared already. We have booked Rambagh palace for her birthday. It is one of the best hotels in Jaipur that you would admire when you see it.

Deepika is not much into celebration, like she always likes normal thing and doesn’t like pomp and show. It is me who insisted her to celebrate one grand birthday provided it could become unforgettable memories of her before marriage. I am into writing and movie direction, and going well with my career. 

Though we decided we would live in live-in relationship for some years. It could be that we need more time but it was just calling from inside that we don’t need it and it is okay to go forward with our life. We both have our respected jobs too and our family is also happy. Hence there is no point for delay and even there is no any hurdle too. 

On her this birthday, we will be announcing our marriage, which will be with one or two years. Besides this I am only looking for her birthday celebration which I want extremely wonderful, grandest and mirthful. I just want to see her so much happy. Happy birthday my best friend and only love! I love you and wish you happy birthday.

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