Why You Should Take To Modest Fashion This Winter

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Gone are the days when modest clothing was considered boring and restricted to certain groups only. More and more individuals are now opting for modest fashion, with a strong belief that being stylish and looking good does not mean that one needs to wear revealing clothes.

Winters are definitely the best season to choose modest fashion as these outfits will help you look good and modest, while staying warm. Even if you’re not too fond of being covered from head to toe, the comfort and warmth of the modest winter outfits will just make you want to try them on.

The Basics

There are certain basic clothing items that you need for layering modestly. Leggings for instance are a staple for keeping your legs covered and warm in winters. You can wear leggings under any outfit, be it jeans, skirts or even shorts. If you’re the kind of girl who feels especially cold at the legs and feet then leg warmers and boots are some more basic must have items for the chilly winter days.

Layer Everywhere

For the extremely cold days, you really can’t head outdoors without layering. It’s often disappointing to see that many people forget to layer their neck when heading out. By simply wearing a turtleneck, a headscarf and a beanie hat, you’ll be covering some of the most important body parts and they’ll make you feel incredibly comfortable and warm all over.  The same goes for your feet. Even if you layer everywhere but ignore your feet, you’ll never feel comfortable. So do buy some good quality woolen socks or leg warmers!

If you’re a minimalist, then you already know that instead of buying several different sweaters, cardigans or jackets, it’s always better to invest in a few, but good quality ones. They will not only last longer but will also provide greater protection from the cold. Such outerwear items are extremely convenient for ladies looking for modest but fashionable winter outfits.


Skirts are one of the best options for modest wear in every season. But when it comes to Winters, you need to be a bit more careful when buying skirts. Choose skirts which come in heavier fabrics such as twill or corduroy and avoid lighter ones such as cotton or chambray. Wearing a heavier fabric would mean that you’ll have to layer less and hence avoid the bulky look. Denim skirts are another great option; go for denim on denim look by wearing these skirts with denim jackets.

If you don’t have any such heavy fabric skirts for Winters, try wearing two skirts together, making sure that you wear the longer one at the top. You’ll be amazed by how warm they can make you feel.

Create and Enjoy the Season

The best thing about fashion is that there are no rules and even if there are, you’re always free to break them. Hence this winter, be creative with your favorite tops and dresses so you can transform them into the cutest modest outfits. You don’t just have to be creative when choosing the outfits, but also when buying them. It might take a bit more time and effort but the results would be worth it.

If you haven’t already tried modest outfits, winters are definitely the best time to give them a try. While such an outfit usually means that you’re covered up well and not revealing your figure, there is absolutely no reason for it to be ugly or boring.  We hope that our tips and suggestions will help you have a fashionably modest winter. Even if you aren’t a modest fashion fan, why not try something new? Get wrapped in layers and enjoy the season!

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