When you need a simple transformation or makeover for your tired looking shop front, applying a fresh coat on the shopfront can be the perfect solution. Shop front spraying is an effective and affordable way of creating a visually pleasing appearance of a shopfront.

It is often said that the first impression can make or break your presence – so make it a great one!

Standing out in a crowd of competitors is a major challenge faced by businesses, and therefore, it is imperative to make your business stand out in every way.

Shop front refurbishment or well-designed building structure plays a significant role in advertising your business as well.

On-site spraying services can help you achieve superior quality finish when compared to brush painting. Whether it is a wooden front or metal shop front, spray painting works well on all kinds of surface.

Spray painting is a painting technique that is used to paint or varnish with the help of powerful spraying device. The airbrushes take considerably less time than traditional brush painting. Due to the chemical present in such paints or thinner, they possess health hazards due to which it is advisable to ask well-trained professionals for spray painting.

Shop front spraying

Benefits of Shop Front Spraying

Shop front spraying is much better than traditional brush paint. It has many benefits.

  • It gives a superior quality uniform finish
  • It improves the appearance.
  • The method is cost-saving as less paint is utilized.
  • Less time is consumed in comparison to the traditional method.

Types of Spray Painting

  • Air Gun Spraying

The paint is applied by using an air pressurized spray gun. The device has an air compressor and a nozzle through which pressure is triggered, and paint is mixed and comes out in the form of fine particles.

  • Electrostatic Spray Painting

The atoms are charged electrically in electrostatic spray painting due to which atoms start repelling and hence spread evenly when sprayed on any object. The object being oppositely charged, or grounded attract the paint giving it more even coat than wet paint. Through electrostatic spray paining, a considerable amount of material saving could be achieved.

  • Electric Fan

It is a type of handheld spray that convert the tiny droplets and accelerate these out of the nozzle.

  • Airless Spray Gun

High-pressure pumps are connected to these airless spray guns. It is used to spray a coating with the help of different tip size to achieve the desired spray pattern. These types penetrate pits and crevices in a better way.

  • Linear Spray System

This machine is used for mass-produced wooden products. This allows them to paint the material at a very high rate. It also has an inbuilt system that helps in recovering the paint not applied to the products.

  • Flatline Spray System

The flatline spray system is designed in a way that it can paint the material that is less than four inches in width and has a complex structure.


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