Why You Should Forget About Improving Your Aids Movement

Were you a part of the Aids movement in the USA that took the entire nation by storm? People all over the nation are investing their time in improving the movement. But now the time has come to redirect their efforts. It’s high time that you and others got rid of the stigma associated with HIV infections.

People seek treatment for HIV infections quite late in their lifetime. It’s usually when there is minuscule hope of saving them. Most of the people believe in numerous myths that render them incapable of seeking treatment and protecting themselves from HIV infections.

It’s time to debunk the myths and take measures to defy the stigmas associated with the diseases. Some of the things related to AIDS that you need to stop believing are as follows:

  • People believe that getting infected with HIV is equivalent to getting a losing one’s life. They lose all the hope once they learn about HIV infection. No one looks towards the wonder of science that can forestall the dire consequences ensuing from this infection. In present times, people who consume antiretroviral drugs regularly have minor chances of developing AIDS. They can survive for much longer than their counterparts who avoid consuming the drugs.
  • It is widely believed that it’s usually gay men who get affected by HIV. Initially, it was true, but not so anymore. Today, its women who have become the most affected section of society. Girls in their teens are more at risk of developing AIDS than their male counterparts. Moreover today, more than 45 % of the children are born with the risk of developing AIDS. What could be the cause of it? It’s the non-access to the treatment for mothers during the pregnancy.
  • Most of the pregnant women who test HIV positive believe that their child will be born with the virus. It’s difficult for them to accept that transmission of the virus from their bodies to their child’s can be obstructed. If ARV treatment is available, children in their mother’s womb won’t be at the risk of getting affected with the virus. It all boils to the availability of the treatment and whether a pregnant woman gets access to the treatment or not.
  • People all over the world believe that condoms are the only method of safeguarding oneself from HIV infections. It’s a common belief because this is what the common man has been led to believe by the experts. But condoms are not the only way of protecting oneself from the onset of HIV infections. With the advancement in the field of medicine, doctors have been able to create drugs to protect people from HIV infections. These drugs lower the risk of transmission of the virus from one person to another. Not only that, but it also protects HIV negative patients from the infection. People cannot choose to rely on condoms alone. There needs to be a combination of tools used for protecting oneself from the infection.
  • There is a prevalent notion that most of the HIV positive people die with AIDS in the end. Why is it so? Its’ because they have never come across tools that can shield them from AIDS. Initially people avoid using a condom which makes them vulnerable to the infection. And once they test positive, they do not take ARV drugs or other drugs for that matter to evade the chances of contracting AIDS. Hence, rather than running away from the treatment, people should rely on treatment to save themselves from the death sentence.
  • In many parts of the world, people believe that countries, where a fewer number of people have HIV positive, are safer than other countries where a large portion of the population have tested positive on HIV tests. Well, it does make sense but people skip the bigger picture. They overlook the fact that not everyone prefers getting diagnosed and seeking treatment for the same. They are afraid of the stigma that will get attached to them once others learn about their condition. If our actions create this fear in the minds of HIV positive people, we have failed as a society. We need to urge our counterparts to go and get diagnosed in cases of apprehension. We need to stand by them and encourage them to seek treatment.

Your efforts for improving your AIDS movement will bear no fruits if people avoid seeking treatment for their condition. As long as, people misled themselves by believing in the aforementioned myths, nothing can save them in the end. Instead of creating fear about AIDS and making people lose hope, we need to create awareness about HIV infections. We have to urge people to ignore the stigmas and take steps to protect their lives. In the end, everyone needs to focus more on their behavior towards HIV positive people and AIDS patient.

So, instead of worrying about contracting AIDS, contact Game Changer and get yourself diagnosed. Irrespective of the outcome, you need to be hopeful of the treatment that will save your life.

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