Why You Need To Visit Indiana This Winter

Indiana has something to offer throughout the year. Even with the snowy days and colder temperatures, the visitors get to enjoy every bit of Indiana’s wonderland. The snow-laden street of Indiana becomes a little more magical. So, if you are thinking of visiting Indiana this winter, then start packing your heavy coats, snow boots, and cozy hats to experience the incredible.

And to give you an insight into what is waiting for you at Indiana, we will share a list of special activities, places, and things with you. We are sure that after reading this blog, you will start booking your tickets from Indiana travel agencies.

1 Stay Lit With Less-Traditional Tree Lighting:

Every year around the winter, the Monument Circle at downtown Indianapolis coverts into an illuminating wonderland. The Circle of Light Festival displays its own unique Christmas tree made by immersing the Soldiers and Sailors Monument with around 52 garland strands and 4,784 LED lights.

The monument gets surrounded by dozens of over the top toy soldiers, peppermint sticks, and even sailors. Once the light is switched on post-thanksgiving, the area stays lit until the beginning of January.

2 Go Sledding:

Now, if you love yourself some speed, then toboggan run is at your disposal at Indiana’s Pokagon State Park. The park is located a little over two hour’s drive from Indianapolis. The major attraction at this park is the 30-foot tower and the quarter-mile-long refrigerated run.

The toboggan sled can be rented on an hourly basis, meaning you can ride the sled as many times as you want. The best thing about toboggan sled ride is that it operates even without snow from November till February.

3 Visit The Santa:

Well, not the real Santa’s home in the North Pole. But, Indiana has its own Santa Claus city that comes to life in winter. This place is perfect for a family outing; the children will love to stop by.

You can send letters to the Santa at the North Pole from the Post office in Santa Claus or visit Candy castle to check the Santa Statue. The whole town is lit with plenty of lights to enjoy an illuminating evening.

Not just that, Santa Claus is located near to Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, meaning if you are a history buff, then you will get to learn about the U.S. president.

4 Sip Some Wine In Igloo:

Well, we are sure that you won’t want to sip wine given the freezing temperature. But let us tell you the fact that these igloos have heat, meaning you can stay warm while tasting some delicious, crisp wines.

Every Igloo features structured seats for eight people along with a heating system, lights, and of course, music. The igloos are available from November till the end of February and can be rented for two hours at a time.

5 Go Skiing:

Want to take a ski vacation? Well, Indiana is your answer. Paoli Peaks is located in the heart of Southern Indiana and is one of the ideal places for tubers, snowbladers, skiers, and even snowboarders.

The mountain is open from mid-December to mid-march and offers 17 spots to pick from the mountain’s top. You can even lodge, dine, and shop around at the Paoli Peaks.

6 Visit The Decorated Mansion:

Decorating the homes during the holiday season is everyone’s favorite part. We all love a cozy, Christmassy home. So, visit the Seiberling Mansion at Kokomo, located just an hour outside Indianapolis. It was built in the year 1891 by an entrepreneur and industrialist named Monroe Seiberling.

Amid the holiday season, the mansion and its grounds get covered in garlands, lights, and even wreaths. This mansion’s interior is the best as it has a carefully decorated Christmas tree, making you feel cozy instantly.

7 Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings:

Well, we have talked a lot about the lights and sites. Now it is time to talk about your sweet cravings. We all love ourselves some lovely drinks, dessert, and hot chocolate amid the holiday season.

So, visit the Chocolate Café owned by South Bend Chocolate Company. The shop is heaven for all your sweet cravings. They offer coffees, specialty beverages, and hot-chocolates that get served with a hand-dipped chocolate spoon.

They also have a variety of cakes, unique baked goods, chocolate-dipped fruit, and even fondue. Despite the colder climate, the Chocolate Café also serves sundaes and ice-creams.

Bottom Line

Indiana never runs out of fun activities for the visitors. The activities, places, and things mentioned here are just a few of many fun things you can do in Indiana.

So, without wasting any more minutes, get in touch with one of the best Indiana travel agencies like The Travel Authority to book a perfect holiday that you will remember for years to come.

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