Why Wedding Photography is Expensive

If you are soon going to wed and hunting for the best photographer in the city then you must have noticed how expensive wedding photographers are. Yes, wedding photography isn’t that easy thing you will get in the first go! Weddings are expensive with the venue, food, decorations, clothes, DJ and then wedding photography too.

You should add the photographer cost on the top of your list. It might make you feel overwhelmed and make you think why wedding photography costs so much. Well, you will know the reason for this blog. Also, if you are looking for the best wedding photographers in Gurgaon then FNP Gardens can help you out in finding one. Drop a call or message anytime and we will help you to browse through our extensive list.

Why wedding photography is expensive?

Training and Education: You may think holding a camera and taking pictures from certain angles will make any individual a photographer. Well, there are several ifs and buts that the photographer needs to understand which is learned through rigorous training and education to gain those skills to get success in this industry.

Experience counts: Yes, many professional photographers have spent millions of hours of shooting and have gained that skill. They must have taken tons of pictures and this experience allowed them to learn the finer points of photography. Lightning, lens choices, camera settings, and other artistic considerations are some of the factors that come naturally to pro artists.

Costs of equipment: Professional artist invests in top of the line equipment for their businesses. From camera lens to batteries, lighting, tripods, filters, memory cards, backdrops, reflectors and all add up to the cost. Some artists even keep two sets of equipment such as a second camera and a flash in case if one malfunctions.

Other expenses: Being a pro at photography, one camera and accessories is not enough. It also requires a studio, an office, business license, insurance, and basic supplies. Besides, online presence through website creation and hosting; accounting. Utilities, phone service, advertising, and marketing add substantially to this cost. All of these things required expenses to justify the charges of a photographer.

Unbearable pressure to perform better: Professional artists tend to charge for a premium due to the pressure of performing better. They are well aware of the fact that if they did not perform well in any area, be it is poor image results, equipment failure, unable to shoot key functions or any error – it will definitely cost them their reputation and career. At the function, they have to walk on that fine line between being personable yet maintaining a professional distance. Well, this skill needs time to develop.

Well, photography may seem an easy task but requires high skill to get success in this industry. If your wedding plans are coming closer and you are hunting for a professional wedding photographer in Gurgaon then reach the FNP Gardens team. We will help you to get the best service in the town. Reach us anytime and we are happy to help you.

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