Why Ultrasonic Cleaners are considered best for Cleaning Jewellery?

Jewelry is considered as the most vital part of human culture used for serving several purposes. Whenever women get to know about any upcoming event then the first thing which strike their mind is clothes and jewelry.

The market is flooded with different types of jewelry and with time trend keeps on changing. And most of the women have the habit of collecting antique jewelry. But with time these pieces are seen to tarnish. This is the reason why women take their jewelry to the jewelers after a certain interval of time to get it cleaned. Sometimes it becomes very irritating and time-consuming task to take these unique pieces to the jewelers.

Imagine having an ultrasonic cleaner. This cleaning equipment will make your life so easy. Now you need not have to spend your large amount of money on getting your jewelry clean. With ultrasonic cleaning, you can clean your jewelry by just sitting at the comfort of your home. This cleaning service will help you in saving your time as well as your money. Now you don’t have to travel long distances to get your accessories clean.

Let’s have a look at the different methods involved in cleaning:

Fill the Tank of the Container with Water

The initial step is to add the water in the container in which items needs to get cleaned. After that add a tablespoon of ammonia. Plus, avoid using too much ammonia because it can prove harmful.

Add Some Liquid

To clean it is very important to add a dish washing liquid. After some time turn on the cleaner and let it run for 5 minutes so that the solution gets mixed well.

Setting Equipment for Cleaning

Put all the accessories in the rank which needs to be washed. Avoid putting too many pieces at once as it can damage your jewelry. Next step is to heat your solution.

Take your Jewelry Out

After 20 minutes make sure to take your jewelry out and clean it with a soft brush. Now you can rinse your items and dry them with a soft cloth.


Things that you should keep in mind while choosing an ultrasonic cleaner:

Operating Features

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are available in a wide range of varieties. Some features of the system are very simple. On the other hand, some are very complex.

Now let’s go through the important characteristics of ultrasonic cleaners:

Sweep Mode

This mode is considered as the most important element of an ultra-sonic cleaner. Moreover, S mode helps in providing variation in ultrasonic frequency to provide uniform cleaning to all the delicate parts of the jewelry. It is advisable to select a model with a permanent sweep.


Cleaning cycle length is always considered by most of the people. If you want to check the cleaning time then you can begin the timer and observe the time that is taken by a single cycle. Moreover, the time cycle depends on the models.

A Degas Mode

This mode is responsible for removing trapped air in fresh cleaning solutions. Plus degassing can also be done by operating the unit for a short period without a load.

Temperature Control

In ultra-sonic cleaning, the temperature is controlled by thermostats. And some of the cleaners start as soon as the ultrasonic cleaning cycle is reached.

Secondary factors that can also be considered are explained below.


 The length, breadth, width and depth of the ultrasonic cleaner’s tank must have sufficient place for accommodating the items required for cleaning. You might be thinking that these small parts would require a small space but always remember that there are so many other parts also that needs to be immersed in this solution.

Ultrasonic Frequency

The ultrasonic frequency is used for determining the size of the cavitation bubbles. Generally for jejewelryrequency of 37 to 45 kHz is required for penetrating small cracks and other openings.

Why ultra-sonic cleaning is preferred by most of the people?


Ultrasonic cleaning is very useful in removing all type of dirt, grease and bacteria. With the help of the cleaning chemicals, the results can be improved. Moreover, when the temperature of the water is raised then the cleaning is done more efficiently.

No Extra Efforts

Ultrasonic cleaning requires no extra efforts. You just have to put your jewellery in the solution and it will be cleaned. In earlier time it was very difficult to clean the jewellery with crevices, hollows and blind holes.

Fully Automated

These ultrasonic cleaners are fully automated and have a consistent process for all users. You don’t have to deal with any of its features, it will run by itself.  

Energy Efficient

Ultra-sonic cleaning demands an electrical power source but it is much more efficient than other cleaning appliances.

So, these are all the reasons why ultrasonic cleaning is preferred by most of the people for cleaning the jewellery.

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