Why there’s A Common War of Sizes in Women Clothing

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A woman clothing as pretty as it looks is as tricky to select. It’s tricky to understand its awkward seams, foul sizes, and stretches. Remember those times when you hopped into your favorite store, picked up a dress, as perfect like your size but do not fit in the dressing room. Well! That’s not a problem of figure flaws but of the sizes that didn’t set their standards in women clothing.

Solutions to this problem:

Sizes in women clothing have roots in history when women clothing used to be tailored. Women in those days used to wear clothes stitched as per their body measurement and so were perfect in fit. Men’s clothing on the other was a manufactured fabric and so their clothing standards rose with time. These days you can easily find number, shoulder size, waist size, (S, M, L…) in men clothes. On contrary you’ll find these symbols missing on women clothes. This is one reason why buying clothes for women is a hectic task.

This is a big stress among girls, who are too fat or too thin or too tall to choose the right size for them. Not just this, they find themselves in trouble selecting with jeans, skirts, tees and any women clothing item.

In 1939 a couple of American statisticians surveyed and find out that with one single size there are 9 varied sizes associated. Firstly, many a clothing factories started working on this solution but sooner withdrawal from it. They infuriatingly give up tailoring of varied sizes and started creating the same old pieces.

A Change in Women Clothing:

A couple of years later things changed and women get variety of sizes in clothes. But in actual they were just the pieces varied in sizes according to its increasing length not the body postures. A casual formula was applied. This was an estimation that still seem non suitable on many.

Till date there are many similar stories of non-improvement or limited stock in women clothes. There are many brands that offer limited choices. But there are some offering exactly desirable sizes and designs. Mexkart is one such an online marketplace selling women clothing online of all brands that serve an array of women sizes.

The only hope that can less complicate these problems is return of tailoring or new technology oriented. Some Futurists calculate that the development of 3D scanners and 3D printing systems will walk into a changing room, have the proportions of your body automatically scanned, and then pick up a garment printed to fit you exactly.

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