Keeping your suits, dresses, tuxes, sports jackets and coats in top shape while traveling or moving can be incredibly challenging. Thankfully, garment bags were created for superior clothing transport on business trips, weddings, day trips and more.

They’re designed to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and ready to wear upon your arrival, and people have found it’s convenient to use them when traveling for a broad list of reasons. Let’s look at 3 benefits to using garment bags when traveling for your next big event.

1) Your Garment Bag Can Be Used as a Carry-On

There are several types of garment bags designed for different types of travel situations. Depending on your needs for your trip, you can invest in a shoulder garment bag, a rolling garment bag, or a garment duffel bag. Depending on your carrying preference, the length of your trip, and the amount of clothes you’re bringing should dictate the best tool for the job. Most garment bags are already designed to meet airline regulations and will neatly fit in the overhead compartment during your flight. A travel garment bag saves you valuable time by eliminating the hassle of checking in a bag during business or day trips.

2) Its Versatility Is Refreshing

If you’re traveling by car, bus, or train you can always keep clothes wrinkle-free by hanging your garment bag. If you’re flying, laying the garment bag down flat will achieve the same goal. A perfect garment bag is meant to encompass the best of both a suitcase and a suit protector. Most garment bags come with plenty of useful pockets and compartments to store outfit accessories as well. While you may just use the garment bag for just one purpose, it’s flexible design promises adaptability in any travel situation.

3) No Need To Spend Time Packing – Just Hang Your Clothes Exactly As They Are

When going on a day outing or a business trip, you don’t need to spend time neatly folding your fancy clothes into a suitcase. With a garment bag, simply hang clothes on a hanger, and upon reaching your destination, clothes are wrinkle-free and ready to wear!

To ensure higher preservability when traveling, make sure to iron your clothes beforehand, snap all buttons, and close all zippers on your garments. Pack underwear and small items in your garment bag’s pockets, and separate your garments with dry cleaning bags to prevent additional wrinkling. Also, pack your garments in the order that you’ll need them.

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