Why Should Bolero Jackets Be Essential Part of Your Wardrobe

Before going into the various aspects of women’s bolero jackets, it is essential to know what this outfit is, its evolution, and its present form. This apparel has been around for centuries and is worn by women of all ages. Hence one of the standard size is as popular today as a plus size bolero jacket.

Bolero jackets traditionally are open at the front and stop around the waist. Their widespread use in the olden days was more out of necessity than fashion or style. Most ladies and especially the aristocratic class wore skirts that billowed out from the waist. They even wore wood frames below the skirts for a greater flared look. Therefore, the only piece of clothing that could be accommodated above the skirt was a jacket over a blouse that was waist-length, open at the front with the sides brought together with strings. Primarily, this was the women’s boleroin its earliest form.

Subsequently, over time the normal ones as well as the plus size bolero jacket evolved into a short-cropped jacket worn over another dress or outfit. It is almost similar to what matadors wore over their gear during bullfights. Even though boleros have been in fashion for ages, the fad diminished in the first half of the 1990s. In the later part of the same decade, famous fashion design house Yves St. Laurent once again brought the bolero on the ramp, and this old wine in a new bottle caught on like a house on fire. Even mother of the bride dresses with jacket embellished with crystals and beads became a bestseller andis still a rage today. Since then, bolero jackets have been very popular irrespective of the age or color of the women.

For women of heavier structure, there is a distinct advantage in wearing a plus size bolero jacket. Generally, fat accumulates on the upper arms and the mid-riff. A plus-size jacketwith short or long sleeves worn over another dress is ideal to cover these portions over a sleeveless dress. Further, loose silk or lacy jacket falls well over the body and goes a long way to cover the fat around the mid-riff. Given these benefits, it is not surprising that bolero jackets are much in demand by plus-size women.

There is another reason why a plus size bolero jacket is a blessing in disguise for plumper women. For them, access to a wide range of dresses and outfits is rather limited. The focus of online or traditional stores is generally on the average figure. This puts plus-size women at a disadvantage. However, this is not the case with plus size bolero jackets and they are available aplenty in all online and offline stores. Women can buy and match these jackets with the limited dresses that they have and add value to the wardrobe.

Here are several reasons why bolero jackets should be an essential part of your wardrobe.

  • All-weather outfit: Bolero jackets are all-weather outfits primarily because they are available in various materials and fabrics. For a stifling summer evening, wear a light lacy bolero jacket over another outfit. The wispy fabric will not make you comfortable as well as retain your glam quotient. Again, a bolero helps to keep out the chill and is ideal as mother of the bride dresses with jacket if the bolero is made of heavy fabrics like brocade or thick wool. It acts like a cardigan though shorter in length. Wear one of bright colors and light up the cold winter evenings.
  • All-occasion outfit: You can wear a bolero jacket for any occasion. Browse online stores or visit a brick-and-mortar store and you will be spoilt for choice. For fun times with friends and family, select a bolero jacket that is bright and attractive in keeping with the mood. These types of boleros are also ideal for office wear. When you have a formal evening out or a dinner date, wear the classier boleros embellished with beads and crystals and made of brocade or silk.
  • For plus size women: Plus size women should follow certain norms while choosing a bolero jacket. While there are no restrictions on color and patterns, avoid horizontal stripes on plus size bolero jacket or mother of the bride dresses with jacketthat go around the body. This makes the structure look heavier than it is. But vertical stripes are permitted, rather it should be preferred by plus-size women to look lean and toned down.

For these reasons, bolero jackets should be an essential part of your wardrobe.

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