We all know how important packaging is for the safety of our products. Whether it is the packaging of food, electronics, cosmetic or a piece of cloth, each of them is packed using suitable packaging materials, in a way to stay protected during shipping or storage.

But, apart from protecting products, packaging has other benefits too if used properly. The most significant functions of product packaging are:

  • Protection: Protecting items from getting damaged during transit or in storage rooms is the main purpose of product packaging. Use of reliable packaging material for packaging of your items can prevent tampering of products.
  • Attraction: Use of different colour schemes, design patterns and customisation of the packaging may attract customers. If the packaging used is functional and attractive, it effortlessly gains attention from customers.
  • Differentiation: The design and the colours of your packaging help your consumers to differentiate your brand from similar ones. Innovative design and functionality of the packaging can make your product stand out of the crowd.
  • Information: You can convey all the information about the product, its usage and other important dates (manufacturing and expiry date) on the packaging of the product. The packaging is used to provide directions and caution about the product.

Eye-catching packaging design and functionality can create a strong first impression, and that will improve brand reputation. The packaging helps in creating brand identity and recognition of your products in the market. This is how it helps in branding as well.

Sustainability is another important factor in which consumers are paying attention. Consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of environmental impacts. Use of packaging supplies that can be reused and recycled, will not only attract customers but, will also create a positive impact on the environment.

In the infographic below you will learn more about the how does product packaging positively affect reputation of the brand.

packaging supplies

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