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Why Mouse Is a Part of the PC Gaming Industry - Likeitgirl

Why Mouse Is a Part of the PC Gaming Industry

The pace of gaming has changed. So has the concept of gaming tools. The most crucial tool on which your success rate of the game relies is your mouse it can be a traditional mouse or contemporary.

No matter whether you are a player of Dota 2 or a freedom fighter; you need a mouse with special features to stand in the battleground.

Not only this, but for the convenience of gamers many companies offer gaming mouse i.e. Razer, Logitech, and many more. They manufacture gaming mice that amplify your performance of game that heavily relies on the mouse. I jotted down a few points that will assist you in realizing the importance of mouse in the gaming industry.

  • Optics precision

If you are a gamer then you must know about the DPI (dots per inch) of a mouse that is an important specification of a gaming mouse. Although the correct term is counts per inch (CPI) but most of the people are familiar with the prior term so they are used by gamers interchangeably. It depicts that it has more accuracy than the traditional mouse and decreases the chance of missing any points. So, a good mouse has better average clicks per second for gameplay.

Moreover, Right DPI selection is an important part of the game so chose the setting of DPI wisely.

  • Additional buttons

An important feature of a gaming mouse is the abundance of buttons that really attracts gamers. Most of the gaming mice often equipped with 3 to 12 extra buttons that provide easiness to gamers.

Once you will use these gaming mice then, you will never be able to deny its importance and specialties.

If you are a professional gamer then obviously you used to spend 5 to 6 hours playing games or sometimes more than that. So, it is very important for you to get a mouse that perfectly fits to your hand.

And fortunately, gaming mice are equipped with this specialty; fit into one of these three designs

Palm design:

In this design, you rest your palm on the mouse back and along the full length of the mouse, you extend your fingers.

Claw design:

In this design, you curve your fingers in such a way that their tips rest on the buttons of the mouse and your palm rest on the back of the mouse.

Finger design:

In this design, you hold the entire moue with the assistance of your fingers and thumbs.

Furthermore, they are the only ergonomics mouse in the market. Not only this, but also they come in diverse ranges and shapes.

  • Setting of weight:

The comfort level of the mouse when you move it across the mouse pad is very important. And the feel of the mouse is mainly determined by its weight.

Mostly, higher-end gaming mice have removable weight that is present in their body. So, you can customize the weight of your mouse by adding or removing weight depending on your taste and requirements.


In a nutshell, the mouse is an important part of the gaming industry as it gave you accuracy, comfort, and options.






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