Every woman loves perfectly done nails. They are a symbol of the womanhood and the beauty it carries. Going back to the past, women painted their nails with different kinds of formulas that existed at the time being. When the cosmetic industry wasn’t as developed as today, there were different natural ways to paint your nails. The first record of nail polishing goes back 5000 years to ancient China, where the colour of the nails represented the social rank of people.

Ingredients such as gelatin, gum Arabic, egg white and beeswax were used to make the formulas of varnishes, enamels and lacquers which were used to make nail polishes. Today, different types of formulas exist on the market. Some are very dangerous and health-threatening even though brands are trying to cover this with the immediate effect they have in reality. On the other hand, there are 7-free nail polishes which are produced without the use of any of the harmful ingredients, and they represent a healthy version of nail polish. Some need a UV oven because they are made from an acrylic material that glues to the nails.

So, what women love doing nowadays is to make an appointment at the nail salon, inspired by the celebrities on Instagram, and have their nails done in a way that is time-consuming, expensive and in danger of having bacteria nesting in your nail area. Let me tell you this right away, get your favourite gel nail kit and learn how to do your nails at home. Why? Here are X reasons why.

Hygiene as a Priority

If you appreciate good hygiene, you will undoubtedly agree that home is the best place you can do your nails. Nail salons are always full of clients who change their seats one after the other and the nail technicians use the same tools and sometimes the same towels to finish their job. Well, everything would be Ok is the world was a perfectly clean place with no germs and bacteria in it, right? Unfortunately, there are germs and bacteria all around us and especially at those places where people indirectly get in contact with each other.

What if a woman before you that is having her nails done is having some cuticle infection or any other problem? The nail technician will use the same tools on her and then on you, which means that there are high chances for you to get some of the germs or bacteria the woman before you has. Is that something you are willing to pay for? No, right?

Any Time is Good Time

You can make a plan and decide when you are going to do your nails. Perhaps when the kids are at the kindergarten or at school, or maybe when they are already in bed. Or, even if you live alone and have more time on your hands, you can decide when it is going to be. It is not a big deal if you are polishing your nails with regular nail polish – you would only need ten minutes or so to have your nails dry; but if you are using a gel nail kit than, you would need some more time to dedicate to the activity.

So, any time is a good time because you won’t have to wait in line for your turn to come at the salon. Instead you can do it when you have most free time on your hands.

It’s Far Less Expensive

How about saving a few dollars that you would otherwise give to the nail technician for their service and doing your nails at home? It sounds like a great idea. Nail appointments are rather expensive. You are paying for the full service plus you need to leave a tip. At home, you already have your nail polishes, and all you need is to take time, sit down and do your nails. Plus, if you need your nails done by tomorrow – you can just do them right away. Simple as that!

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