Why Is Parquet Flooring the Best Choice for Your Home?

Wondering what parquet flooring is? It is the kind of floor which is made up of square wooden pieces having geometric design. These types of floors come in various design options and styles. Among various types, laminated parquet floor is a popular choice among the homeowners. These parquet floors are manufactured using different materials. Some of the popular ones are cherry tree, beech, maple and others. Due to their stain resistant and scratch resistant properties, they are widely preferred by house owners. They are also easy to clean as they are spill-resistant. This type of floor consists of smaller wooden blocks laid in geometric pattern. There was a time when this kind of floor was like the wooden carpet. In other words, the parquet flooring was sold as wooden carpet initially. But, it was not durable, and the maintenance cost was also high. With the passage of time, the quality of parquet flooring has improved dramatically. Now the material used for the making of such floor has improved, and hence the longevity and durability has improved also.

If you are inclined to use parquet flooring, look for a reliable seller. The type of floor is much better than other types of floors. It is all due to the enhancement of quality that the flooring option has become so popular. There are various options available in this kind of floor. You may buy moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant floors.

Various benefits of installing parquet floors

Parquet floor offers a lot many benefits to the users. If there is any spilling on the floor, you may clean it easily. When compared to synthetic floors or carpeted floors, parquet flooring is much better as it benefits the environment. The floor is much easier to upkeep and maintain. If you see any imperfection on the outer surface, the look may be renewed by using sand paper. Re-sealing may be done again to restore the looks. Then, it may directly be installed on the concrete basement without any problem.

Parquet flooring
Parquet flooring

Pre-fabricated parquet floor is also available

Today, there is a huge demand for pre-fabricated parquet floor in the market. If you are looking for suitable material for parquet flooring, go for beech rather than oak. When it comes to pre-fabricated parquet floor, you may avail it in variety of finished surfaces. Floor manufacturers come up with surfaces that are easy to maintain. If you want something appealing, you may choose the light color for your floor. Previously, parquet floor was simply made up of wood strips that were moisture-sensitive but now it is available in a range of finishes and may be bought in laminated finish as well. Being moisture-resistant, you may even install it in the basement area.

The uniqueness and sheer appeal of parquet floor

Parquet floor is noteworthy for its uniqueness. Since there is the use of wood in square pieces, you may go for any of the patterns. If you opt for pine wood, you may create an impressive look to your house. Choices can be made among stripe design and swirl design. Pine wooden floors may be availed in a variety of shades like dark yellow, tan and brown shade. Choose from the light to dark patterns in order to make the floors look attractive.

Adding uniqueness and beauty to the home

Merely by changing the floor, you can make your home appealing and beautiful. If you want to add decorative value or uniqueness to the home, choose only parquet floors.

If your floor is aged and distressed, replace it immediately with parquet floor. It is an instant way to add life and appeal to the interiors.

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