Why Hiring an Appliance Repair Specialist is Better Than DIY

Repairs are an integral part of appliance maintenance. Even if you take good care of your household assistants, they can break down unexpectedly.

When that happens, you have three options: try to fix the appliance yourself, call the repair service or buy a new one.

Unless the lifespan of the machine isn’t about to be over, it’s cheaper and smarter to fix it. So do you DIY or call maintenance specialists? DIY solutions seem cheaper and more accessible. But is it really that good? Let’s take a look.


1. Avoiding Major Home Repairs

Something as simple as a burst washing machine hose could flood your entire home. While you are tinkering with your appliance, you could damage vital components. Eventually, you may end up facing a disaster.

Washers, fridges, and many refrigerators are hooked up to a water supply. Messing with it could prove to be hazardous to your house. You can ruin the flooring entirely. Meanwhile, small leaks could even be worse since you don’t notice them immediately.

According to technicians at Jacksonville Appliance Repair, the worst problems with appliances occur when homeowners try to fix them on their own. A small break down could lead to serious repairs of the entire house.

2. Saving Time and Money

Many homeowners think that repairing appliances on their own saves them time and money. In reality, it’s just the opposite. If you don’t have experience fixing such machines, a simple repair may take you hours or days. How much money would you earn if you would spend that time at work? See the point?

Meanwhile, for proper repair, you need special tools. Are you ready to buy equipment every time something breaks down? Professional tools are costly. Eventually, you’ll end up spending much more money on DIY projects than you would on expert repair.

3. Staying Safe and Avoiding Lethal Consequences

What could possibly happen if you try to repair an appliance on your own? You may be surprised.

  •         Electric shock – if the reason for the breakdown is an electrical problem, an inexperienced homeowner could be electrocuted. Meanwhile, you could ruin the entire wiring system in your home unsuspectingly.
  •         Broken bones and back injuries – many major household appliances are heavy. While working to fix them, homeowners could drop machines on their feet and hands, suffering broken bones and bruises. Meanwhile, they experience back problems after moving heavy machines around.
  •         Fires – the wrong approach to repairing wires and other electrical problems could result in a fire. The fire may not start the moment you work with the machine. It could happen when you leave home after doing the repairs.

All of the above problems could lead to lethal consequences. Professional technicians go through rigorous training to avoid hazards. Meanwhile, they have special equipment to keep themselves safe while working with electricity.


4. Finding Spare Parts

When you identify the problem with your appliance, you may realize that you need to replace something. If it’s a light bulb or a seal, you could probably find it at the nearest hardware store. But what if it’s something more complicated, such as a pump or a heater coil?

Depending on the manufacturer of your appliance, you may have to order that specific part from a factory. Do you know whom to call and how to arrange it? Most likely, it would take you too much time to figure out what to do and then wait for delivery.

Professional technicians have different spare parts in their offices. They also collaborate with various suppliers, including third-party and original manufacturers. The repair company is likely to acquire the necessary part much faster than a homeowner can.

5. Maintaining Warranty

Is your appliance still under warranty? Then you should read the terms closely. Most likely, any DIY repair nullifies it on the spot. You may be able to fix a small problem without professional assistance. But if a serious breakdown occurs in the future, you won’t get a chance to use the warranty.

Some manufacturers require certified technicians to do the repairs. Others may send their own service specialists to your home. Either way, if they see that you’ve tried any DIY repairs, they’ll cancel the warranty.

6. Long-Term Results

Unless you are a professional, you can hardly discover the true reason for the appliance failure. You could fix the immediate problem but overlook what’s causing it. As a result, your machine will keep breaking and eventually need replacement.

Professional technicians have experience dealing with different breakdowns. They can identify the cause and eliminate it so the appliance works for years to come. Some companies offer a warranty for their work so you can enjoy peace of mind for at least a while.

7. Finishing What Was Started

Many homeowners, who try a DIY repair, stop halfway through when they understand that the problem is tougher than they thought. They end up with a dismantled appliance and a lot of confusion. In the best case, they don’t make the problem worse. In the worst case, they face extra repairs or replacement.

When your appliance breaks down, call for help. You will save time, money, and effort, and get a chance to enjoy your machine for many years to come. If you’ve already started repairing something on your own, consider stopping as soon as possible and calling a repair service.



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