Extended hospital stays and a long-term illness can come with a variety of concerns that can be both challenging and frightening. Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend the medical bills, while other times, it may feel like you are overcharged.

So, if you, a family member, or a friend is in a similar situation, then it is time to take help from a professional claims advocate.

Who are medical claims advocate?

Medical claims advocates are Board-Certified Patient Advocate that helps the patients with negotiating the hospital and medical bills. These individuals have an in-depth understanding of medical terminologies; this allows them to help you comprehend your medical bills and prices listed on them effectively.

Medical claims advocate can evaluate your medical bill for any errors and work with your providers or insurance company for a proper claim. Besides, they can also represent you to negotiate the hospital bills, so you stay protected from overcharges.

With a professional by your side, you can save your time and money that otherwise would have been wasted in understanding medical bills and paying the extra charges.

Top situations that are a perfect reason for hiring a medical insurance claim advocate

1. When an elderly family member is alone: If an older family member lives alone and is going through health issues, then it can become stressful and difficult for him/her to manage various things at once.

By hiring a claims advocate for assistance, you can let the family member focus on the recovery instead of doing other things like inspecting the medical bills, gathering documents, or claiming for the insurance. With the experts at your loved one’s side, you can stay stress-free as they will advocate for your loved one on his/her behalf.

2. You are sick of medical debt stress: It can be a depressing situation for an individual who feels that he isn’t capable of paying the medical bills. The unpaid medical debts can result in an improper sleep pattern, resulting in the individual becoming anxious, depressed, and stressed out all the time.

By hiring the medical claims advocate, you gain expert eyes who examine the medical bills thoroughly for you. Even though they may charge a percentage of how much you save on the medical bills, the result will be worth the cost.

3. The medical bill has baffled you: Medicals and Hospital bills aren’t the same as your grocery bills. They contain codes and numbers that make no sense to an ordinary person. These codes are nothing but the representation of medical procedures, treatment, and other costs that exhibit how much your health insurance provider is billed.

Having just a few codes on the medical bills may be easy to determine by looking online. But lengthy medical bills will only hurt your brain. So, hire a professional and let him handle this headache for you.

4. You suspect of being overbilled: If you suspect that your medical bills are exceptionally high, then there must be a reason for it. Hospital bills have errors such as wrong diagnostic codes or inclusion of procedures that you did not receive. These errors aren’t necessarily the result of deception. But, an incorrect code can result in the refusal of a claim from the insurance provider.

By hiring the claims advocate, you get the edge as they are well-versed with the medical terms and codes.

5. The health insurance provider has denied the claim: It is common for people to call their health insurance company to dispute the claim denial. But, the wait on hold to finally get connected to the wrong department or mysteriously getting disconnected can result in frustration.

Medical claim advocates have handled more claims than one could ever imagine. So, let the professional take over and hopefully lower your medical bill too.

6. You want to negotiate the settlement or lower the bill: The best thing about hiring a medical claim advocate is that they help in negotiating the medical bills at their lowest. This is because they know what to say and what not to say to the intended person. They will end up striking the most amazing deal with the hospital’s billing department.

Another benefit of hiring a professional is that you do not have to face anyone. The medical claim advocate will handle everything without getting red-faced in frustration, rage for improper settlement.

Signing off

There are many individuals who avoid undergoing medical treatment due to the scare of high medical bills. Well, it is time that you keep your health in the first place by seeking proper medical attention. If you suspect that your medical bills are high, then connect with Claim Medic and let the claims advocate deal with your medical bills.

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