Why Football is One of the Healthiest Sports?

Football, or soccer, as it is called in some parts of the world, is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is not only the one of the most participated, but also the most watched sports, with 265 million actively playing the sports each year.

Hundreds and thousands of football fans come in support of their teams, play football enthusiastically and buy Personalised Football Shirts, all because of their football craze.

Another interesting fact about the sports is that it is one of the healthiest sports in the world.

But, contrary to widely held belief, being healthy does not simply entail physical well-being, but it also accounts for mental as well as emotional fitness. In fact, many medical practitioners nowadays believe that being healthy or being in a healthy state has less to do with one’s physical health and more with one’s frame of mind. Thus, being healthy is a frame of mind.

Since we have established good health and being health, let’s explore the ways in which football makes us healthy.  Recent studies have proven that the sport makes us better human beings and improves physical wellness, ever wonder why? We will discuss and explore each reason below.

The Sport Increases Your Endurance

When playing football in an actual football field, on average, an adult runs about 10 km in ninety minutes. Running not only is a standalone exercise, but when running while playing football, your endurance improves, which means that your stamina increases, and your cardio also improves.

Your Body Strength Increases

Football is not a single pace game, in some instances, the game requires that you run fast, sometimes, you must change your pace and run slowly. Also, your pace and speed depend on your playing position as well. In you are a defender, you might have to run back and forth, if you are on the attacking side, you will most likely be running forward. In short, there will be a lot of back and forth going-on in the field.

Changing your speed and running back and forth is healthy for your body, since it improves muscle strength and senility.

Improves Overall Body Function

Most people think that when playing football, you only use your legs. However, that is NOT the case. When playing football, you not only use your legs, but you play the game with your whole body. In football, you run with your legs (obviously), but when defending, you often use your upper body as well, which means that you use the muscles of your whole body. Therefore, when playing football your overall body function improves a great deal.

Apart from improving our bodily function, like every other joint sport, football has its social and psychological benefits.

First off, let’s understand joint sports.

What is a joint sport?

A joint, team, or a collective sport is such a sport that is played with a team, That is, a single person cannot play it, like tennis, table tennis, snooker and much more.

A study by the University of Kansas showed that students that indulged in some form of joint sports, such as football, improved the players’ cognitive abilities as well as emotional intelligence, and the player students were better-off academically than non-playing students .

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s explore how.

It Improves Teamwork

Some people, if not all, are the only children of their parents. The only child is often spoilt and does not like to share things. However, when indulging in team sports, people learn the art of teamwork and learn to reap the fruit of their collective success, which is an essential life skill to own.

In addition, teamwork also entails that each player not only plays for him or herself, but also for the whole team. That is, depending on the player’s position, he is either defending his or her team-mates or clearing out the way for them. These ideals make them selfless and allow them to view the world from another person’s point of view. In addition, it teaches them an essential life lesson: interdependence. That is, if one player plays selfishly, he or she won’t be able to accomplish a lot, since the game requires consistent team effort.

It Develops Leadership Skills

Team sports such as that of football improve peoples’ leadership skills, especially when they are faced by difficult circumstances. While playing a game like football, people learn that leadership does not entail that they go on and about ordering people, instead they lead with example and that the best player in the team gets to be the captain, which not only promotes meritocracy, but also inspires others to do well and achieve well in their game.


For some, football might be too boorish and uncouth, but the fact of the matter is that it is one of the most popular games in the world, which also happens to be a healthy activity. It, as mentioned above, not only improves the players’ physical well-being, but also their mental and emotional health. Since the game is a complete ‘healthy package’, it can easily be tagged as one of the healthiest sports invented by humankind.

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