Why Extracurricular Activities Can’t Be Ignored at Schools?

Believe it or not, extracurricular activities can bring a lot of positive change in personalities of students. Not every student needs to be equally good in academics. The purpose of introducing extracurricular activities is to find out the hidden talent in students and persuade them to follow their interest areas. To ensure overall development of every student, schools come up with innovative learning solutions and extracurricular activities. In this article, we have summed up the benefits of the same.

Social Skills

With extracurricular activities, children can expand their network. When they participate in inter-school and zonal or national level competitions, they meet many students and teachers. There’s cultural exchange as well and kids learn new things.

Life Skills

One of the greatest benefits of extracurricular activities is that they teach real-world skills to students. Some of these skills include time management, leadership, goal setting, problem solving, analytical thing, and teamwork. The more one is into extracurricular activities, the more these sills are developed.

Time Management

When a student has many things on the platter, they have to learn the art of time management to ensure no area is compromised. Studying, doing homework and participating in extracurricular activities enable the student to balance multiple things.

Exploring Interest Areas

A student who has keen interest in technology and robotics might get a chance to pursue his passion by joining the robotics club in school. This way, they can explore their interest areas and work on sharpening their skills.

Higher Confidence Level

When a student participates in activities, their fear of public speaking and performing on stage goes by itself. This increases their confidence level. It is seen that children who were good in extracurricular activities in schools have more confidence when it comes to interacting with people and sharing new ideas.

Last Words

As said, extracurricular activities are an integral part of the development process in a child. Schools should ensure that they have different clubs and organise competitions to hone the skills of students. Having dedicated hours of extracurricular activities in timetable is a must. It is a good idea to have faculty that specialises in these activities. For instance, every school should have dance teachers, yoga teachers, and theatre faculties to help students grow and gain more skills.

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Prajakta Shukla

Prajakta is a primary teacher and has been in the education industry for more than a decade. She believes in having integrated learning solutions in schools for overall growth and development of kids.

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