Why Do You Need to Go for Comprehensive Tests?

Most of the population often ignores the problem with their eyes, but if you think deeply, in a world full of gadgets where almost a huge portion of the day, on gets his eyes glued to the laptop and smartphones, eye problems are common. If may often leads to severe headaches and migraine, also vision problem is mandatory. That is why one should go for an eye test whenever he or she is having some difficulty with their vision. Eye tests are extremely helpful to determine what your problem is so that you can proceed for further precautions and treatments. It is always important to for comprehensive eye tests only when you consult with a registered optometrist for the overall development of your eye sight.

What Are Some of The Eye Tests That You Need to Go for Occasionally?

Visual Acuity Test

In this test, it will be determined you have a problem with farther vision or nearer vision, and if at all, then how acute it is. It basically examines the sharpness of your vision. In this test, you will be represented with a comprehensive projected eye chart, written abrupt letters on it with different font sizes. You will require reading them out, till the smallest font possible. Distant vision acuity is measured like this, and near vision acuity is measured by a handheld chart. Eye tests like this are the first thing to be done if you are having trouble to see nearer or farther objects.

Colour Blindness Test

As the name suggests, this test is performed to measure and examine the color blindness of your eye. This test informs the doctor about your eye sensors is working fine or not, also reflects a lot of information about your eye health. It also helps to detect heredity color vision problem which is still underlying but can be a threat in the near future. This needs to be done for all those patients who have a major problem in determining the colors codes and the variations between the two.

Cover Test

There are tons of ways your doctor can make sure about how good your both eyes work together. It will cover your eyes one by one simultaneously and ask you to focus on a small object in the room, placed a little far. Also, the same test is done with an object placed near to your eyes. It helps your doctor to determine how good your eyes work together, and if you have caught amblyopia or not.

Eye Movement Testing

Eye movement test is very important to know if your eyes can move perfectly and focus on a moving object. In this test, you will require to keep your head still and only move your eyeballs to focus on a moving object continuously going left and right. If you have any problem with eye movement it may cause you eye strain, and to avoid that, the doctor will tell you possible ways of the treatment.


It is another mean of eye testing that the doctors execute to check the accuracy of your eye. The is supposed to be dark and the doctor will ask you to read the largest alphabet from the board and while you do that, he is going to shine on a light on your targeted eye to check on the problem. This kind of eye test is considered to be accurate and right. This is a very important one amongst the eye tests.

This was a basic guide on how eye tests are conducted and measured for your better vision. You can consult an ophthalmologist or an optometrist depending on the accurate eye-related problems that you have.

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