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Why do you need constant education in your life? - Likeitgirl

Why do you need constant education in your life?

Education is the best investment for the future. By investing in education, you expand career opportunities, you can get a new profession, and simply increase your erudition. We will make sure to tell you why education is needed, how it helps us not to grow old, broadens our horizons and even our social circle.


What lifelong learning can give you?


Helps the brain to stay young

With ageing, all systems of the body decline, and this is especially reflected in the brain. In some cases, ageing causes Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, more commonly known as dementia. With age, memory deteriorates, it becomes more difficult to master new material, it is more difficult for the brain to process large amounts of information.

To slow down the ageing process of the brain, scientists advise training the plasticity of the brain. Learning new things, like foreign languages, is a good brain training to keep it in good shape.


Develops erudition and broadens horizons

Being an educated person does not just mean finishing school. This means reading a lot of useful literature, meeting interesting people, learning new things. Erudition helps to solve problems more effectively and to see more opportunities around for achieving goals. You can analyse problems from different angles and draw more thoughtful and interesting conclusions.


Develops self-discipline

Everyone is sometimes haunted by laziness and procrastination. Getting off the couch, getting off the phone, and doing something is often a challenge. Even more effort is required in order not to quit what you started, and to bring the job to the end. Therefore, the ability to form a comfortable daily routine in which there is enough time for learning helps to develop self-discipline.


Expands the circle of communication

With age, everyone’s social circle becomes narrower. After a while, only a phone number remains from school friends. While learning a new profession or learning a hobby, you will have many like-minded people, perhaps even from your city. You can see them not only in class but also in your free time.


Why is it important to learn through all your life

Many graduates go to get higher education by inertia, “for the show”. The pressure of society plays an important role here – some go for a diploma, because their parents said, others – for some personal reason. As an adult, you can more consciously choose the way of learning, institution, subject, and program. It is normal if a manufacturing engineer by profession can become a successful IT specialist through self-education. Thanks to inexhaustible sources of information and stability in the labour market, today it is not a problem to master a new profession.

Continuous self-education forms a person, his personal qualities and skills. It becomes especially important due to the robotization of labour and automation of processes. It is training that helps to quickly and stress-free master new information and adapt to new, modern working conditions.


What is important to learn to keep up with the times?

The basis of the professional formation of the future person will be soft skills – these are skills that are not related to job responsibilities. They help build communication and cope with tasks faster and more efficiently. A person often has to work in teams, so communication skills are important. Also, great importance should be given to the development of creativity, emotional intelligence and research skills.

Along with learning new things, it is worth gaining the ability to unlearn: get rid of outdated knowledge, stereotyped thinking. Due to the endless flow of information, a lot of knowledge very quickly becomes irrelevant and unnecessary. Unlearning is the same work as learning. The process includes analysis, revision of existing knowledge, habits and the formation of new ones – relevant and effective.

Online schools nowadays become better and better. Some of them have a great learning management system for RTOs.

Also, they have already seen the need to develop not only professional skills but also soft skills. They help you solve tasks with less stress and move up the career ladder. After all, it depends on how you show yourself in the interview, whether you will be hired by the company or not.

So, If you have the skills necessary for the profession, but you still lack confidence in your work, then it’s time to upgrade your soft skills.

What you need to learn:

-to present yourself and your ideas;

-to speak in public;

-to understand and introduce new tools and technologies into work;

-to work in a digital environment, including in the digital sphere;

-to think out of the box and be creative;

-new languages.



If you want to keep up with the times, be an interesting conversationalist and achieve new heights, then learning should take a separate place in your life. Online courses provide a comfortable education today. To make the right choice, pay attention to the organisers, speakers and program.

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