Why Consult A Physical Therapist Over A Personal Trainer

You don’t have to get an injury to consult a physical therapist. Most people think that the right time to see a physical therapist is when they get an injury; however, that’s not correct. Physical therapists are movement specialists, so you can approach them for maximizing your mobility.

If you are someone who is encountering problems while carrying out your daily activities, then you must visit a reliable physical therapy clinic as soon as possible. When it comes to maintaining their fitness, most people take the help of a personal trainer, which is fine.

However, if you are struggling with pain, then your trainer won’t be able to offer the right solution to you. All they can do is, teach you the right exercise moves; however, that’s not enough to maintain a healthy body.

Your physical therapist can also teach you the right way to perform exercises. And the best part is that if you are suffering from injuries, your therapist will offer the right solution for you!

So if you are facing mobility issues, here is why you should seek physical therapy.

For Mitigating Pain

If you are struggling with a condition like a neck, back, or shoulder pain, physical therapy is the best solution for you. Your physical therapist will check your range of motion and medical history before tailoring a personalized care plan for you. When you meet a therapist, they ask you to describe your symptoms. So, you must explain everything about your symptoms to them.

If you fail to tell them about the kind of pain you are facing, they won’t be able to design a quality care plan for you. And that can have a significant impact on your recovery process. In short, until you have a quality care plan that incorporates effective exercises, you won’t be able to recover quickly.

Effective Techniques

Your therapist will include the most effective pain relief techniques in your care plan to ensure a quick recovery. Finding the right treatment technique that can boost your fitness level is quite easy for your therapist.

They select a physical therapy technique based on your the severity of your condition. For example, if you are having back pain, your therapist will choose a method like dry needling to mitigate your pain.

However, if you have injured your arm, then they might use a technique like a hand therapy to relieve your pain.

According to OSR Physical Therapy, “How well you recover after an injury or surgery of the hand, wrist or arm is dependent on occupational therapy, especially hand therapy with a certified hand therapist.”

Physical therapists also provide quality treatments for sports injuries. So, if you are someone who is facing pain during the practice sessions, you must meet a physical therapist immediately.

Quick Recovery

Physical therapy ensures quick recovery from musculoskeletal pain and injuries. For example, if you are suffering from a shoulder injury, a physical therapist can offer the right treatment to you. Most people take painkillers to reduce the pain that occurs from injuries.

However, painkillers can’t treat your condition as they only help in mitigating the pain.

And the worst part is that they can even have side-effects on your body. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on methods that heal injuries naturally! Because physical therapists don’t use drugs and surgeries, you can take their help.

Avoid Surgeries

If you consult a therapist at the right time, you can save yourself from costly surgeries. If you seek physical therapy immediately after an injury, you can avoid surgery.

For example, if you are suffering from a hip injury, you should seek physical therapy immediately. Your therapist will include low-impact exercises in your treatment plan to enhance the flexibility of your hip joint.

If you keep taking quality physical therapy treatments, you will not need any surgery.

Avoid Future Injuries

Physical therapy is crucial for avoiding future injuries. Since your therapist can identify musculoskeletal conditions in advance, it can save you from potential injuries. For example, if you have balance and gait disorder, your physical therapist will bring that to your notice immediately, and will also provide the right solution for it.

Similarly, if you have poor posture, your therapist will let you know about it. Moreover, they will also teach you the right techniques to improve your posture. Poor posture increases your risk of falls, so it’s crucial to treat it at the right time. Your therapist may teach you proper sleep techniques to improve the shape of your spine.

Strengthen Core Muscles

Healthy and strong core muscles are vital for living a pain-free life. In case you have weak core muscles, then your therapist will include the right type of stretches in your treatment plan. And the best part is that these stretches will improve your overall health.

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