Why Choose Smile Laser Eye Surgery Over Any Other Surgeries?

SMILE eye surgery is a painless, flapless, and bladeless surgery that corrects myopia. Doctors may recommend this treatment to help correct refractive errors. Patients who are ten years and above are eligible for SMILE eye surgery. A stable power for over a  year can further make them more suitable for this surgery.

SMILE surgery can help treat a patient’s myopia faster and give effective results. The entire procedure requires around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. But that is not all. There are several other reasons why you may want to opt for SMILE over all other surgeries.

Flapless Surgery

During the surgery, the doctor will create a lenticule over the cornea with the help of a laser. This prevents formation of a flap-like structure in the cornea. Once the surgery is over, the doctor will remove the lenticule and reshape the cornea.

Painless and blade-free

There are no blades used in SMILE eye surgery unlike its predecessors like LASIK. As such sharp tools can be harmful to your delicate eyes. That is why the surgery is pain-free and safe.

Quick Recovery

Since the surgery is blade-free and does cause a flap to form, patients can recover faster. Generally, people recover within a day or two. After taking a break for a day the patients normally are fit to return to work and routine life. However, the maximum recovery time is 3-5 days in some exceptional cases.

Minimal Complications

SMILE Eye surgery does not cause any complications to your eyes once the surgery is successfully over. In addition, since there is no flap formation, complications arising due to that are also nil.

Minimally Invasive

Any patient who undergoes this surgery is highly unlikely to experience blood loss. Since no such painful treatments are done, the patient does not need any general anaesthesia. There is no manual incision either.

Useful Outcome

Generally, SMILE eye surgery helps almost all patients recover immediately. However, in fewer cases, there may be a few prevalent. These patients also do not show any signs of complications.

No Dry Eye Syndrome 

Since there is no flap formation, the risk is lower. That is why there are no complications of dry eyes as well.

Fast Process

SMILE eye surgery is a fast and efficient process. Thus, the entire process is over in around 20 to 30 minutes maximum.

Benefits of SMILE Eye Surgery

  1. Improved precision with adequate stability.
  2. Minimal side effects with mainly dry eyes.
  3. It is a safe, painless, and blade-free process.
  4. Rapid recovery in nearly 1 to 2 days.
  5. Improved corneal biomechanics.
  6. Accurate and acceptable results like never before.
  7. Computer-assisted guidance for lasers that offers an entirely automated technique.

The Bottom Line

SMILE eye surgery leaves minimal room for complications. It is a beneficial process that is safe, effective, and convenient for anyone above 18. So, if you want a certified doctor to correct your myopia, contact one now.

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