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Why Buy Platinum Rings than Gold? - Likeitgirl

Platinum is generally a more expensive option when you choose a metal for your commitment or wedding ring. The main reason for this is that priced Platinum is much denser than gold, which means it is heavier. Another reason for the more precious platinum rings than gold is that metal is much less common. Around 1,500 tonnes, compared to just 160 tonnes, of gold is mined every year. There is a wide range of platinum men rings collection available online. If you are looking to present an expensive gift for your lovable one, then it can be the right choice.

Is Platinum better for marriages and engagement rings than gold?

Whereas many believe that Platinum is the best metal for jewellery, such as for engagement and wedding rings, in fact, they are almost identical when it comes to appearance. While Platinum is usually stronger, it remains a softer metal than gold and is more sensitive to scratches. Scratches on Platinum can give an antique look to the jewellery, and many people like to see it.

Durability and long-lasting

Every precious metal jewel must be lasting and durable. Platinum is a naturally white metal that is resistant to heat, damage and corrosion. These features make Platinum the right gem for day and night work. Platinum is 95 percent pure when used in jewellery. It is also 30 times less common than gold. Since true love is difficult to find, outstanding platinum qualities make your loved one make a better impression on you.

A platinum ring will stay the same colour forever

Platinum is naturally white metal and, unlike its close competitors, no maintenance will be required in future to maintain the same colour. With time, white gold, which aims at imitating the platinum look, becomes yellow. Routine maintenance is necessary to maintain the same colour, which you need never worry about Platinum. Over time, Platinum will never fade or change colour.

You can pass it down for generations

All valuable metals, including Platinum, are eventually worn. But Platinum, because of its enduring nature, is one of the most durable precious metals you can choose for a ring, and it will wear the most precious metal. The metal is simply displaced, and very little metal is lost when Platinum is scratched. However, when gold is scratched, metal slivers are lost, which lead to quicker metal loss. Platinum retains its capacity over time and develops a warm patina finish, giving a ring its own character. In addition, the displacement of the metal hardens the ring.

The ring finally records a lifetime of wear and memory, which would make it perfect for loved ones to pass on. In addition, platinum will look beautiful as its ages with proper cleaning and polishing.

It will prevent your diamond from looking yellow

Now everyone knows that Platinum is a white metal. With its pure white colour, which will not change in time, no unwanted colour reflecting on the diamond has to be worried. The natural white colour of Platinum instead improves the diamond’s brilliance.

The bottom line 

Most people consider buying Platinum as a more worthy option than gold. These are the major reasons for people prefer Platinum more than gold.

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