Why Artificial Turf Is Great for Your Garden

Artificial turf is a brilliant way to jazz up either your front or backyard and create a lawn that is perfect to not only look at but is also great to walk and play on.

There are many benefits to ditching the standard grass and adopting the artificial turf lifestyle. Here are some great reasons why using fake tuft is one of the best ways to improve your garden.

It’s All Weather

With artificial grass from US Turf, you can be assured that it’ll look as good as it does in in fall or winter as it does in summer. The turf will stay green regardless of the weather conditions, meaning that you’ll no longer have to deal with grass scorched in the sun, or a muddy lawn in winter or the fall. This consistency can help homeowners create a garden that they can be proud of for a long time.

It’s Low Maintenance

Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance at all. This means that once it’s all rolled out and properly laid, homeowners can sit back, relax and enjoy their garden without having to worry about regular upkeep. With artificial turf there is no need to water the grass, fertilize it, or even mow it as it remains perfect throughout its lifetime.

Its Pet Friendly

Artificial turf is perfect for all sorts of pets, as the bristles are super soft and won’t cause any discomfort to animals’ paws. Artificial turf is also super tough, meaning that it can resist dogs attempting to burrow in it and it can also prevent mole hills and termite mounds from forming, meaning that a homeowner won’t have to worry about their garden getting destroyed ever again. Furthermore, artificial grass is also unaffected by any urine or excrement that your pet may pass on the material and is super easy to clean making it a doddle to keep your garden clean. It can also help keep your indoors clean too as the lack of mud and soil means that there is no risk of your pet bringing in dirt and mud into the house.

Prevents Weeds

Most artificial turf is laid down with a plastic sheet underneath it. This plastic sheet makes it really difficult for weeds or other unwanted plants and foliage to sprout in your yard, allowing you to keep it looking pristine and in great condition.

Another bonus of this lack of plants is that it discourages insects and bugs coming into your house, keeping your home free from unwanted vermin.

It’s Cheaper

Artificial grass turns out to be a cheaper option over the long run for homeowners. The initial costs can be more sizable than natural grass, however, it doesn’t need to be replaced or repaired nearly as much as grass, and it’s these low maintenance costs that can help make it a really savvy and affordable investment.

Furthermore, with the look of artificial grass having improved drastically over time, many homes can opt for cheaper tuffs without sacrificing looks or appearance, meaning that there is no better time to fit your garden with artificial turf than right now.

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