Why Are Boxers the Best Men’s Underwear?

Boxers vs briefs is an argument that is as old as time. It’s hard to pick which is the best, but both of them come with their own benefits. To help you decide, we’ve discussed 6 things boxers can help you with.

They’re Comfortable

If you’ve ever worn a boxer before, you’d know that it’s very comfortable. The short is loose fitting, so it doesn’t restrict your genitals. As it’s so loose, air is allowed to enter. This prevents you from sweating. Of course, how comfortable the piece is, is influenced by the fabric used. Thankfully, quality cotton is used most of the time.

You Can Sleep in Them

As the shorts are so comfortable, they are widely used to sleep in. Some boxer shorts are even designed to be slept in, being made extra comfy.


boxer shorts
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They Are Multifunctional

Yes, boxers are used as underwear, but they’re shorts. In our day and age, boxers come in convincing casual-wear designs. They can be worn without people questioning whether you’re wearing underwear in public.

Considering you can use them as pyjamas too, they’re even more multifunctional. People are also fans of wearing them as swim-wear, but they get wrinkly easily.

Have More Privacy

Boxers are long. They go beyond your loin, so they cover a lot up. If you’re insecure about your lower abdomen, being able to cover much of it helps you go about more confidently. Having covered so much up is great if you’re at home with visitors.

You’ll Be Safe

You probably didn’t know this, but briefs aren’t good for your health. They are tight, restricting your genitals. In the long run, they can affect your sperm production. As boxers are so loose fitting, you never have to worry about such a thing.However, as they are so loose fitting, you can’t wear them when working out. You’ll need your private bits supported to help with the lifting.

They Are Freely Available

If you compare the number of stores selling boxers to briefs, you’ll find the majority of them selling boxers. If you’re a busy person, having them freely available is great. Let’s not forget that boxers are essentially loose shorts. If you really want to, you could wear all kinds of shorts as boxers – just think about it.

As they are so available, you can save on them. You’ll be able to compare prices between stores, easily finding a cheap one. The chances of you finding sales on the shorts are high too.


With everything mentioned taken to mind, isn’t it clear that boxers are amazing? The underwear is very comfortable. It’s loose fitting, letting it be worn as sleep-wear. You could even wear it as swimming trunks if you want. As they’re so loose, your genitals are not restricted. In the long run, briefs can affect your sperm production. Boxers are also freely available; this lets you save cash and time. If you’re wondering who wins the brief vs boxer debate, the above points help boxers considerably.

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