Strollers are very convenient for the parents to go outside with their newborn baby. However, as a new mom or dad, there needs to be a lot of thing to do and prepare in advance. One of the thing is Stroller. There are few things which the parents need to consider before purchasing the stroller. For example, there are some strollers which can hold the weight of the baby up to 30 pounds but others hold up to 60 pounds.

Apart from that, if parent is looking for a stroller which is easy to handle and take it anywhere considering the fact that it’s very compact then they should go ahead and purchase the Umbrella Stroller. Other than that, there is a jogging stroller as well which is best for those parents who go for running every now and then.

Lastly, if there is more than one child then they should get a Double Stroller which can easily accommodate two children.

Types of Strollers

There are different kinds of stroller on the market for selectivemother but a person should choose the stroller according to family need and lifestyle.

  1. Full Size Stroller

First of all, there is a stroller called as a Full-Size Stroller and it helps to hold all the stuff which the person might need while they are roaming around because it has plenty of space. Along with that it can also attach with the infant car seat in the car

  1. Umbrella stroller

Secondly, Umbrella strollers are the ones which is easy to carry and compact and as the name says that it can be easily folded like an umbrella. On top of that it is very light weight as well. However, the disadvantage of the Umbrella stroller is that it doesn’t have a lot of space to keep the things and it’s not that much robust.

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  1. Jogging stroller

Thirdly, there comes the Jogging strollers for those parents who like to go on a jog with their child as this stroller has big wheels and a good suspension. However, if the parent is just going for a normal walk on a smooth pavement then the traditional stroller will do the job. Jogging strollers have 3 huge wheels in a triangle configuration so that it can easily go over the rough surfaces and doesn’t have an impact on the baby. But beware you should not be using this stroller until your child is 8 months old because before that time period the child doesn’t have the ability to keep their head and neck stable

  1. Double stroller

Lastly, if the parent has a twin then they don’t need to worry much. There is even a stroller for two child and it’s called as Double stroller. It can comfortably transport two or even sometimes more than two children at a time.


In conclusion, there are different kinds of strollers available in the market and its totally up to the parent which stroller he/she likes or suits the needs of a person. Full size stroller is the one which has a lot of space to keep all the necessary things of the baby along with baby utensils while walking around.

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