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Which are the best center to get yoga certification? - Likeitgirl

Which are the best center to get yoga certification?

Yoga has been gaining popularity in recent years. Tired from the monotony of everyday lives, people are now shifting to learning and teaching yoga. It not only refreshes the mind but also allows people to spend time with themselves.

If you wish to learn yoga, it is recommended to opt for the yoga certification classes. It enables you to learn yoga as well as teach yoga once the course gets over. However, there are various facets to be considered before enrolling into a yoga certification course. For instance, some might want to teach yoga in the future. On the other hand, others might be needing a break from their daily routine. Depending on the purpose, one should get a yoga certification.

After deciding the objective, you should research well on the center providing yoga certification. Some of the renowned ones are:

  1. Inner Spring Yoga: Inner spring was opened to inculcate yoga as a form of lifestyle in the lives of people. They provide classes throughout the week. They also conduct workshops from time to time. They have teamed up with the New Albany government for teaching free yoga for a day. They have a handmade training and personal spiritual development course for you to get yoga certification.
  2. Elevate Yoga: Their Kundalini teacher training and certification program began on 12th April 2019. They offer various courses like morning Sadhana, private session etcetera. You can enroll into the course even if you have never tried yoga. For those who want to become yoga instructors, Kundalini provides one of the finest training.
  3. Pure Bikram Yoga: Internationally acclaimed, Bikram Choudhury brought in the concept of Bikram yoga. It comprises 26 Hatha yoga positions. These postures are to be conducted in a room where a certain level of heat is maintained. Such practice trains and calms the mind and soul. The instructors here ensure that your special needs are taken care of.
  4. Yoga Care: Yoga care can be a great option for you to get yoga certification. Instructors here adopt the method of compassion while teaching. Your well-being remains their prime concern. And therefore, they never fail in conducting a class. They have several programs namely, corporate yoga, pop-up yoga, healthcare facilities and so on.
  5. Go Yoga: Go yoga focuses on your abilities during the training program. They help you to learn and develop over time. They provide great pricing options if enrolment for the course is done beforehand. All their trainers are highly experienced and compassionate. With them, the yoga training period will become an interesting journey for you.
  6. Healthy New Albany: The teachers’ training here is provided by two very famous yoga practitioners, Rodney Yee and colleen Saidman Yee. The whole certification course is completed within a time period of 8 weeks. They use the yoga Shanti method which brings ease to your joints and the nervous system while teaching. They mentor each individual with patience and help them to grow.

Before settling down for any yoga classes you should consider the following major factors.

  • The Yoga Instructor

You should go to a yoga class where you can connect with the yoga teacher. Look for an instructor who listen to you and give you feedback on your practice. Even if you are a beginner, it is important that you find a teacher with whom you can be yourself, feel free, safe, and comfortable.

  • The Class Atmosphere

It is one of the most influential factors. It can greatly affect the decision to take a particular class. The atmosphere must be friendly and encouraging.

  • A Meditation Aspect

Nowadays, almost 8 out of 10 people practice meditation. Many yoga studios incorporate meditation and possibly this wave of mindfulness is influencing yoga studio choices.

  • The Style

Without any doubt, the style makes a huge difference. In yoga, there is no better or worse style. It’s all depends on your purpose. Select a yoga classes as per your goal. If you want to build muscle or sweat out choose power yoga. If you want to chill, breathe, stretch then restorative is better. So, take some time, do proper research, and make an educated choice.

  • The Cost

Affordability is one of the big factors while selecting yoga studio. So, sharpen up your economical skills and choose monetary value over lavish yearly membership.

  • The Convenience

The convenience is one of the imperative factors when selecting a yoga class. So, before taking any final decision take location, duration, and time of day into consideration.

Yoga is one of the most peaceful experiences you will ever have. If you have sufficient time, you should give a yoga teacher training program a try. With the right instructor and your hard work, you will end up enjoying every bit of the program.

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