Where to Stay During Jaipur Trip

Jaipur does a perfect work in attracting thousands of tourists every year. Being a part of the famous Golden Triangle route, this is an important destination. While planning a stay in Jaipur, you need to know where to stay. Not all destinations in Jaipur are filled with hotels. There are quite a few destinations, which are famous among tourists for accommodation for unique reasons.

Here are the top areas to choose your hotels for the Jaipur visit during your trip to Rajasthan.

1. Bani Park

Bani Park area is famous for budget hotels and heritage homes. This region is also quite closer to numerous tourist attractions. Thus, you can easily cover all the attractions, since most of the attractions would not be more than 5 km away like City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar and others. If you are looking for a unique stay in Jaipur, try century old Jaipur homes open for paying guests. It gives a traditional feel to your stay and you get to be closer to the culture of the land.

Distance From Local Railway Station – 4 km

Distance From Jaipur Airport – 14 km

2. MI Road

MI road is quite famous for shopping experience. This is the central road of the city and you can easily travel to any part of the city. You can find numerous types of restaurants in this road and shopping sites. Most importantly, this region is quite within budget for money conscious travelers. There are numerous accommodations at every possible budget. Most of the attractions are around 5 km away from the road.

Distance From Local Railway Station – 5 km

Distance From Jaipur Airport – 12 km

3. Tonk Road

This region is very closer to the airport and is preferred by tourists who fly to Jaipur. Moreover, you can find many luxury and moderately priced luxury hotels and accommodations in this region. You can also find many specialty restaurants in this region. Although you will be quite far away from most of the destinations, you can easily find vehicles to reach the destination of your choice. This is the place to enjoy a quiet stay in a luxurious surrounding. In addition, you would be quite closer to airport.

Distance From Local Railway Station – 12 km

Distance From Airport – 6 km

Top Hotels To Stay In Jaipur

  1. Taj Rambagh Palace – luxury hotel and ancient heritage site; located in Rambagh Circle
  2. Jaipur Friendly Villa – modern amenities filled award-winning hotel; located in Vaishali Nagar.
  3. Bhola Bhawan Bed And Breakfast – it is a comfortable stay with regal décor; located in C-Scheme
  4. Oberoi Rajvilas – royal residence turned into hotel; located in Paldi Meena
  5. Hotel Madhuban – ornate hotel famous for modern amenities; located in Bani Park

There are hundreds of hotels located in and around Jaipur. It is very important to choose reliable and reputed hotels for your stay. If you are visiting during peak tourism season, make sure to pre-book your hotel as early as possible. Right before your departure to Jaipur, call and confirm your hotel booking. If you are booking via travel companies, make sure to crosscheck the booking prior to your departure.

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