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Where to Find Chic Jewellery in Australia

In Australia, there is a great appreciation for home-grown talent. Each and every day we see entrepreneurs embrace their passions and create businesses stemming from love and commitment. This does not fall short in the jewellery industry.

Australia has seen many innovators knuckle down and work hard towards building their business and from this there has been a result of countless amounts of chic jewellery. In the products they have designed it is evident that the sleepless nights of crafting unique styles and early mornings setting up stalls in markets have paid off.

By Charlotte

By definition chic means simple, sophisticated and elegant. These three words are the perfect description of By Charlotte.

The business flourished from Charlotte Blakeney’s very first design, the signature Lotus Necklace. It immediately gathered a loyal following including the beloved Miranda Kerr and Tash Oakley. To this day Charlotte has carried on the trend of simplicity and delicate adornments. Each piece is designed by Charlotte and is made with the intention of producing jewellery that resonates with the wearer on a deep and personal level. By Charlotte creates unique earrings around Australia.


The name of the jewellery business SIT & WONDER is named with purpose. Founder, Emily Ko, created the label out of a drastic career change because if she never tried to Ko would always “sit and wonder…”.

We are thankful for her jump into the deep end as it has led to great things. The discerning jewellery lover has been blessed with dainty layered adornments. A wearer of SIT & WONDER can be described as modern, stylish, minimalistic and doesn’t look at jewellery as an embellishment but a representation and addition to her overall style.

Look through SIT & WONDER’s collection here: https://www.sitandwonder.com.au/pages/about

YCL Jewels

YCL Jewels was founded by the proud Italo-Australian, Fabienne, who is a self-taught, artisanal jeweller and designer with great experience. She has amazing pride in her work and builds towards creating unique and exclusive designs through minimal and feminine qualities.

Admirably, every collection is made in batches. Each batch is available until it sells out. This element makes every design a piece of treasure. Every YCL Jewels wearer is original to one another. They can be defined by their chosen piece and heightened in style.

Discover your unique piece of YCL Jewels here: https://www.ycljewels.com

Natasha Schweitzer

Natasha Schweitzer is a family business, grown from strength, determine and straight-up girl power. Founded by mother, Marion Schweitzer, who had a dream to learn the art of a goldsmith and gemmology. But Marion continuously faced challenges of rejection as the industry was male dominated.

Marion was finally given a chance and now we are lucky enough to be blessed with her designs as she is one of Australia’s most successful jewellers.

Currently, Marion’s daughters have successfully reignited the brand with cutting-edge pieces, simplistic designs and combinations of modern elegance. You may describe their work as refined beauty and phenomenal quality, and you would be correct.

Support girl-power and shop through Natasha Schweitzer’s label here: https://natashaschweitzer.com

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