What’s the Best Way For You To Consume CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is available in a wide variety of formats. You can get a topical to massage into arthritic joints, or a stick to rub on an old scar that feels too tight. Many people enjoy a CBD edible as a way to cut back on stomach irritation, especially between meals, and others like it to help them calm down and sleep well.

What Do You Need?

What relief are you looking for? For those with anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges, a dose under the tongue before bed can make it much easier to get into a deep, cleansing sleep that’s critical for brain health. For those with joint or muscle pain, a lotion or cream to be applied on the sore joint may be most effective.


If you are struggling with chronic pain during the day, you may also have good luck with a micro-dosing process. Many vaping pens require that you take more than 20 puffs to get a full dose of CBD. If you need to stay alert and focused but need CBD to get on top of nerve pain, you may have better results with just a couple of puffs on a vaping pen. A microdose is just enough to break the nerve signal that triggers a cramp or muscle spasm. By micro-dosing, many who suffer from nerve pain can actually avoid spasms all day long.


For those who have no interest in vaping, you can also get a micro or full dose by mixing your CBD dose into a drink. Powdered CBD isolate products can be mixed with powdered sweeteners or creamers for coffee, or you can put a dropper full of your favorite CBD oil into coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.


Many athletes also have good luck getting on top of post-workout pain by adding CBD to a protein smoothie. The combination of whey protein for muscle recovery and CBD to block the data coming from pain receptors can speed recovery and let you stretch out fully after a hard workout.

When Do You Need It?

The fastest way to get CBD into your bloodstream is either to place the edible oil under your tongue or to vape a heat-tolerant oil in a vaping tool. As you review the contents of your favorite CBD oil online store, make sure you pay attention to the difference between what can be ingested or absorbed and what can be vaped. Vaping oil will not taste good, but edible oils in a vaping pen can be quite dangerous. If it’s not formulated for vaping, do not try to inhale it.


When reviewing the timing of when you need your CBD dose, the next fastest delivery is in a topical, such as a cream or lotion, and the slowest delivery is via an edible. However, with an edible, you can stack CBD.


For example, if you struggle with insomnia, using a sublingual dose is often helpful to help you fall asleep. If you also struggle with anxiety, you may want to pair your sublingual dose with a gummy. The sublingual starts working very quickly and the edible will take an hour or two, so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD for a longer stretch of time.

Where Do You Need It?

There are indications that CBD lotions can be a terrific treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. To start, get a sample or the smallest bottle you can purchase so you can make sure you won’t have any irritation at the application site.


Test your CBD cream or lotion on the soft skin inside your elbow. Give it 30 minutes to see if you have any inflammation or other response. An allergic reaction to CBD is rare, but different emollients can be problematic for those with sensitive skin. Once you’re all clear, work a small dot of CBD lotion onto inflamed skin after cleansing and track your results over time.


CBD is personal. It’s also not a source of instant relief, especially if your pain or inflammation is quite severe. However, if you choose to keep a journal and track your time of dosage, the amount used and response, you will start to see a pattern of the best CBD consumption for your condition.


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