What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Halloween is quickly becoming one of the most festive holidays in the United States. The numbers back it up too. The Halloween costume market is estimated to be worth $8.4 billion dollars this year. With such a large demand, it’s interesting to note the selection of outfits that are available. It seems there’s something for everyone and you can express yourself while not actually being yourself during this festive and spooky holiday.


There are many different avenues that someone can choose when going through their costume options. For many of these styles we can see what your choice says about you. These are by no means 100% correct, but they do carry some weight when looking at what makes a person tick. Here’s a look at several different types of costumes and the type of person that typically chooses them.


A goofy or funny costume is for someone who likes to go against the status quo. For the most part we can see that the whole “point” or purpose of Halloween is revolved around scary or frightening things. When someone dresses as something silly like a shovel or as someone from a tv show that they admire they are acknowledging that they are taking the opportunity to be ironic. For some “traditionalists” this can be seen as corny. At the same time, people who wear costumes that are funny might see those who wear scary costumes as being corny. To each their own.


Scary costumes can be seen as the bread and butter of Halloween. Someone who wears a scary outfit is someone who respects tradition and likes to play by the rules. It’s fun and edgy while being tasteful. The whole point of the holiday is to be spooky and to explore things that can be frightening. For people who wear scary costumes, the name of the game is to be the best (or most scary). There are many ways to achieve this. It can be as simple as the old bedsheet ghost, or involve hours of makeup to get that over the top scary look that requires a lot of effort but looks larger than life. For the most part, these people like to enjoy themselves but are generally conservative when it comes to following cultural ideals.


The sexy costume is a more modern take on Halloween. Typically younger people like to wear these. It also indicates a confident or outgoing person. Usually a sexy Halloween costume is just a scary or funny costume that has been modified to be sexy. So an outgoing person might enjoy the tradition of being spooky on Halloween but also wants to give their outfit some extra flair that brings a little more attention. Or they really enjoy being different and want a costume that is both funny and sexy. It’s becoming more and more popular to have costumes that fall into this “sexy” category. The holiday as a whole is almost turning into a dress up contest and to dress scantily.  


The creative costume is its own beast. Although all costumes can be seen as creative, this category is referring more towards people who like to “build” costumes. These are the types of people who like to have the most decorated house on the block for Halloween. The “builder” likes to use materials that are not normally worn in order to create something great. These types of people are independent and like exploring possibilities that other people don’t think is possible. They like doing their own thing and the opinions of others don’t bother them. These people value experiences and like to create experiences through their costume every Halloween. They use the holiday as a way to express their creativity and even perform a little engineering. This type of person is the friend in the group who is in their own little world and if they were even aware of it they would be proud.


Again these are not perfect representations of the type of person who wears each costume but they are great starting points when looking at what makes people tick. Some of them can even be seen as trends that are emerging due to things such as social media or the internet. We can see culture being a large influence on what people choose to wear or base their costumes off of. People are able to reiterate costumes every year because of new scary movies, presidents, or just figures in pop culture. We’re beginning to see Halloween to become more of a commentary of pop culture that something to be celebrated in a traditional way. The way in which people choose to express what is important to them on a holiday where everyone dresses up has always been interesting to me. Halloween has certainly changed in the past 15 years and it will be interesting to see how things change in another 15 or even 50 years. Maybe it won’t even be around anymore. Maybe trick or treating will turn into something else entirely. However, I think that people will always embrace dressing up as something else and this is an expression of themselves.

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