What Will Be the Biggest Fashion Trends of 2017

Yes, I know, 2017 has just begun and I already have a fashion report for you. Well of course I do, hun! As we already know, if there’s anything that promotes recycling, it is definitely fashion. I am actually a huge fan of this because I haven’t worn my ‘70s flares long enough, you know?

Jokes aside, some things are just too good to let go, and that’s why designers keep making them come back. Just like 2016, 2017 is going to be all about bringing back legendary garments, but of course, in a very advanced and improved form.


This season is all about glamour. Yes, the holiday rush is over, but a part of us still wants to feel it for just a little bit longer.



They are so popular, oh my God! And I am so happy about it. Since I was a little girl, shiny things were always catching my eyes. You now can find sequins on every possible garment – from dresses, sweaters and T-shirts, all the way to leggings, pants and blazers. After all, we all need some glow sometimes, and designers know that well.


This material is really specific because it can look pretty tacky when you see it on a clothing hanger. But, things change completely once you put it on and match it with trendy basic garments. The stores have been filled with it for months, and it keeps coming back in different forms every time. It screams elegance and you have to try it out before the winter ends.


Yaas baby, bring that ‘80s space girl vibe back once again, because a gal can never get tired of metallic. As you can see on Kim Kardashian (who somehow has a superpower of predicting trends, I don’t know what it is), metallic garments are a huge deal right now. Silver jackets, pants, over the knee boots, you can basically find almost every garment in metallic. If you are bold enough and have right clothes to combine this with, make sure that you try this out. Then, you can happily join the Bad Girls’ Club (wink).


The designers have really decided to give the ‘80s another chance. Do they deserve it? You decide.

Big shoulder pad blazers

It’s time for women’s clothes to stop being so polished, feminine and fitted – the ‘80s style of blazers is back! It gives swag when we need swag, and class when we need class. All in all, it sure is something I will buy for myself.

Floral and colorful designs

Floral Dresses

After a long and cold winter, it is time to refresh your closet with some color, am I right? The designers have clearly had enough with coldness and started missing flowers, because the runways were filled with colors and flower dresses. Is femininity starting to come back? Hmmm…

Bra tops

If your confidence reaches the sky, and your girls are dying to hop out of your shirt, then you will be extremely happy because of this trend. Lingerie-like pieces will be paired with cropped jeans, slinky suits, evening skirts etc. In other words, we should definitely start working on our abs girl!

Oxfords with an update

Oh, you can forget about your classic stripped button down shirt. Wait, let me rephrase that – don’t forget about it, just add some flounces, slashing shoulders to it or make it super-sizing somehow and voila – you will look like you’ve come straight from the runway.



Even though khaki, or beige was the synonym for boring, it all changed as soon as belted skirt-pants, slit-shoulder jackets, and bodycons appeared in this color.


Since I am from Australia, logically, this is my favorite season. Here are some summer 2017 trends.

Get tied up

No, laces are not only meant for your sneakers. This year, you will see a whole new world of creative new ways to strap yourself up. Stay tuned.


They were HUGE on NYFW in terms of popularity (almost every show had frills). Feminine and sleek ruffles on asymmetrical dresses and voluminous skirts received the best reviews.



The trend of wearing fashionable playsuits in Australia is all the rage, since they are comfortable and casual (like us Aussies). It doesn’t matter whether they are monochrome, or with some details, just add a nice piece of jewelry to them if you want to make them formal, or some other cool accessories if you want to stay trendy. Consider getting a neon one since the designers are going crazy over neon colors.


fall trends

Between Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter lines, there’s pre-fall. Designers unveil these smaller capsule collections in less formal runway shows, presentations, trunk shows or parties. One thing is certain though – faux fur, robes, ‘80s style bell-bottoms (once again), and under the knee dresses are definitely going to be present this fall. Stay tuned, loves.

That would be it – the first fashion report of 2017. What do you think about these trends? Let me know in the comments.

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