What Type Of  Surfaces do Whiteboard Markers Work on?

Have you ever wondered where you can use whiteboard markers on? Also known as dry erase markers, it has a lot of purposes that are associated with whiteboards. But what are its other uses? 

You can also use a whiteboard marker on glass surfaces, mirrors, and even on filing cabinets. Generally, you can use it on any smooth, non-porous surface. Some of the surfaces you can use dry erase markers on are mirrors, melamine, whiteboards, porcelain, glass, and other smooth, nonporous surfaces.

Dry erase markers come in different colours; these are a great addition to your home office. They can be used for labelling items or writing out your goals and to-do lists. You can even use them if you want to doodle in your spare time. The following are some of the uses for dry erase markers.

Used for Labeling Tupperware

If you have several Tupperware containers in your refrigerator or are a crafter, then these dry erase markers can help you label these items. But before you write anything on the plastic side of the container, be sure to do some spot test to be sure that you can erase it.

Used for Writing on a Desk

You can use dry-erase markers in writing notes on your glass desk. Here, you can write contact information, a to-do list, and other information and replace them when required. 

Used Them for Writing on Mirrors

Your bathroom mirror is the best place for writing down the vocabulary terms of the new language that you have learned. In this way, you can practice them while getting ready to work in the morning. On the other hand, you can even write some reminders or inspirational messages on them. 

Taking Notes While on the Go

You can easily keep your notes without a lot of paper; all you need to do is use the plastic sheet protector. To keep track of important information throughout the day, you can use a fine-tip whiteboard marker. Afterwards, you can wipe the information and start all over again on the next day.

Used for Labeling Filing Cabinets

If your filing cabinet is made of Formica or other smooth materials, you can use a dry erase marker to label them. Again, you need to do a spot test before writing on any surface to ensure you can erase it. Sometimes it is hard to determine the reaction of the ink with the different kinds of materials. Hence, to ensure that you won’t encounter any unfortunate accidents, you need to do some testing.

Used for White Board Calendars

It is very useful to use standard calendars; however, they are very small, and you cannot write so much on them. Additionally, what if there is something that you want to change after you have already written on them? The best solution is to use a whiteboard calendar. It can help you monitor your appointments, and you don’t even have to replace them every year, depending on the type of calendar you have.

Used for Grocery Lists

When you are at a grocery store, sometimes you can easily forget what you want to buy. The best solution is to keep a magnetised grocery list on your fridge. Here, you can write down all the items you need to buy once running out.

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