What to Write in A Birthday Card for an Old Friend?

Meeting your childhood friend with whom you share tons of insane memories is indeed an enchanting feeling. Things become more endearing when you meet the childhood friend after a long time on his/her birthday. Once a great man said, “Good friends are like good books, they always inject happiness and knowledge in your life.

When you meet your childhood friend, there are a hell lot of things that you want to share with him/her but can’t because of the limited time. However, the happy birthday of your old friend is one fine occasion to express your innermost feelings to the good old buddy by jotting down sentimental happy birthday wishes for an old friend in an exquisite birthday greeting card.

Now, the question pops up here is what to write in a birthday greeting card for an old friend? Moreover, you also have to make sure that your buddy reads the message clearly that’s why it has to be short, crisp, and lovely. To get you out of the dilemma of what to write in a birthday card for your old friend, I have created an original and ingenious compilation of happy birthday wishes for old friend that will make the grand birthday celebration of your friend the grandest!

Cute Birthday Wishes for an Old Friend

It is always that if one is sword, one has to be sheath. And in our friendship, you are always a sheath. Thank you for being in my life forever. Sweetest birthday to you old friend!

So many times I’ve shouted on you but you never said a single word to me, no complains at all. Now I understand how much you want me in your life. Hugs and wishes on your birthday old friend!

When we were young, we never know we get old. Now we have got a bit old, yet our friendship still hold and gold. Wish you happy birthday my first love my old friend!
So much trust and faith it is of, our friendship which is most gold and silver. I never want to break with you, for I like fighting with you. Happy birthday my old friend!

Our friendship is great. Love in abundance, hate is so neglect. Being with you is my fate. And I like it at any rate. Happiest birthday to my dearest old friend!

Those days I still remember when we both used to climb on trees and love to eat fruits. Those days were gifts. Hugs and wishes on your birthday. Happy birthday my loveliest old friend!

I want to wander whole world with you. That’s my dream with you. I love you my old friend and wish you a loveliest birthday.

May you be favorite of all. May none hate you. May you all time remain happy. I wish prosperity and richness for your life. Happiest birthday my old friend!

On your birthday, may you give me your bike, and on it I ride your girlfriend without your permission. I know that you don’t like but I like. Happy birthday lovely old friend!

May all young girls call you brother. May you never get a kiss of girlfriend. May you always remain in this bliss! Love you and happy birthday old friend!

May you get all the beatings for what wrongs I do! May you follow all my commands and always believe! Achieve all success my old friend. Happy birthday!

May you get to meet Katherine Langford, may all actress and stars but when they want to hug you and kiss; may I get first chance! Happy birthday my dear fellow old friend!

Never back down from the promise you make with whom you make. Go ahead and touch the sky with all the fire and all high. Happy birthday friend!

You be fool when need to be. Don’t show how intelligent you are every time. Wishing you love and happy birthday!

True love could not be found in someone else. It is always about finding in yourself. Happy birthday to my richest friend!

Never let temporaries live in your heart. These often give pain. Happy birthday my courageous friend!

The best thing about you, that you never say foul about anybody. That is the awesome thing about you. Love you my generous friend. Happy birthday!

When you need me I always there for you. I come to you on your one call. Never forget that. Happy birthday my old truthful friend!

May not even a single drop of tear come in your eyes. May on your lips always be smile. May your hand full of abundance. May you always fly. Happy birthday my best old childhood friend!

You are my divine my love, a friend, that God has made for me. And I never want to lose you at any cost. So many hugs and happy birthday!

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