What to Look For In a Workout Short

Shorts are comfortable athletic summer wear and lately, they have become popular especially among athletes. Now a day’s work out shorts are not just for the workout, you can wear these when relaxing too. There are some things you must keep in mind while buying them or you may mess things up. Similarly, shorts should have some quality features in order to be a good choice but preference depends on what type of workout you want to buy it for.

What to look for?

It is important to know the quality of the shorts you are about to buy. This is the first thing you should check. Test the seams, straight sturdy seams which do not leave a gap when you tug it tells that the shorts are made of good quality fabric. Then have a look at the pockets. If they are deep enough to keep items safe, and made of quality fabric then shorts are more likely to be great quality-wise.

Features to look for

The following are the features that workout shorts must have in order to be called good. Quality shorts should be able to handle plenty of washes, a lot of sweat without losing its purpose and shape.


Comfort is the main thing; we all want our shorts to be comfortable so that all our focus is on workout rather than the shorts. running, gym, cycling, or whatever it is you want to do comfort is always necessary and good workout shorts are comfortable. Proper fitting, length, fabric, and sweat-wicking combine to give ultimate comfort.


To work out without any restriction your legs should be able to move freely. Requirement depends on workouts types so you can choose it accordingly.


If your workout is intense and you sweat a lot then drying and sweat management is an important feature to have. Shorts that dry up quick make you feel light and prevent shorts from rubbing against skin.

All in one

If you are up for this sort of thing, workout shorts that can be worn when you are not working out and goes with the outfit are good. You can use shorts for different types of workouts but some are not meant for intense workouts. So, make sure to buy what you will be using it for. Click here for checking out women’s workout clothes.

Fabrics according to workout

The workout you would be doing wearing the shorts decides what type of material you should go for. The following are some materials and when they are perfect.


It is not meant for intense workouts. It absorbs sweat and gets heavy losing shape with time but very comfortable.

Cotton blends

Cotton blends are comfortable and can handle sweat a common example is cotton and spandex blend. It retains shape and elasticity.


Spandex is used in compression shorts it sticks to the body keeping it covered and providing support.

Mostly runners and cyclists wear these shorts.


Sweat-wicking, lightweight, and other alike features make it a reputable and great choice. Due to these qualities, nylon is also very comfortable and durable.

Choosing styles

There are a lot of styles so you must choose the one that fits your workout routine. Have a look at BornTough, they have a wide collection of different workout apparel available at economical prices.

Athletic or Gym

Athletic shorts have an elastic, drawstring or combined waistband and can be used equally as daily wear. These types of shorts can be used for different exercises as well. Gym shorts are just like athletic shorts so you can go with either one.

For Zumba

Zumba shorts do not have to absorb or wick away lots of sweat so mostly made of cotton. Your focus is the comfort and this is what they are designed for.

Compression shorts

Spandex is a common choice for compression shorts because it offers the qualities needed for compression shorts. Some special-purpose compression shorts like cycling and running focus on specific needs. Compression shorts are good but the specialized built ones are tailored according to workout type so they offer better performance.

Shorts’ length

Wearing the right length shorts is important because you would not want to flash others. For men lower thigh or slightly above the knee is perfect length while for women mid-thigh or somewhat above that is fine. How much skin you want to show without flashing is dependent on you. Try out the shorts you want to buy and put yourself in some workout positions to know if those are good. Online buyers can exchange the shorts with the right length and fitted one.

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