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What to Look For in a Promo Model - Likeitgirl

What to Look For in a Promo Model

The world of promo modeling is incredibly competitive. Trade shows, expos, product modeling, and event promotion require a unique set of skills. You should not just hire a model based on their looks; “eye candy” can help you attract customers, but there is much more that goes into promo modeling than just being attractive. There are thousands upon thousands of attractive people. What value, other than physical appearance, are your models bringing to the table?

Models that Go the Extra Mile

What extra value is your model bringing? Often times, models hold advanced degrees in a plethora of specialties. If you are working at an auto expo, consider hiring a model with a background in automotive repair. You’d be surprised at what some models know; don’t assume. Models bring a face to your brand and business; you want the professional to exemplify the traits and characteristics that your brand represents. It’s your job to let the model know exactly what you want them to do. Depending on what they are promoting, a presenter should treat each job as a separate entity from other jobs. Ideally, their energy should match the ideal of the brand. Consider the difference between a machinery expo and a liquor sampling. Ideally, one should be slightly more professional and educational than the other. 

Ask your model what she/he is bringing to the table in comparison to other models. Often times, very reputable promotional companies will have already done the screening for you.

What is the Model Promoting?

You should always brief your model on what you are promoting. Hopefully, the model has done her research on the company and knows your FAQ like the back of her hand. If a model is asked a question during a trade show and she doesn’t know the answer, she should handle the interaction gracefully by asking you or another owner for the correct answer. You can’t expect them to know every single detail about the industry that you work in, but they should be able to handle unexpected questions quickly. Make sure the model comes prepared by emailing them a list of must-knows about your product and the industry you operate in.

Write down an informative list of things that the model MUST know beforehand. Things like:

·         When was your company founded?

·         What is the ideal demographic that you are marketing to?

·         What is the location of your headquarters?

·         What is the history of the company? Who are the owners?

·         What is the industry in which you work? What are some of the essential things that she should know?

The more pertinent information that you provide, the better. As a business partnership, it is your job to help educate the model on all aspects of your company.

Show the Promo Model the Booth

Have the model arrive early on the first day of the convention. Show them around the booth, introduce them to your entire team, hand out an educational packet about your product and company, and make them feel welcome. She should know everyone by name and understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to make new sales? Are you trying to establish new business partners? The models need to know as much as possible. This will help make them feel welcome and confident. The more comfortable a model feels in your booth, the greater the chance that she will perform to the best of her abilities. It’s important to communicate your expectations. Remember, they are much more than just a pretty face and can seriously help with sales and brand recognition.

Where to Find Promo Models

There are many agencies out there that offer skilled professionals for modeling jobs. Many companies have a strict screening process and only hire models that have proven themselves. You want to hire a model that does more than just distribute advertising material. You want a model that is experienced, educated and well-equipped to do the job.

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