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What to Keep in Mind As a New Home Owner - Likeitgirl

You should feel so excited if you just moved into your new home, especially if it is your first time buying a home at all! You may feel so thankful that the stress of the moving process is finally over and that you can get into your home and decorate it how you want to. It is important to note though, that there are still important things to consider right after you move into your new home, so it is not all over yet. You can find a list of five things to always keep in mind after moving into a new home below.

1. Keep Yourself Safe

The first step that you need to take after moving into your new home is to make it as secure as possible and safe as possible for you and your loved ones. Change the locks on every exterior door, and ensure you make keys for any of your loved ones who need access. Make sure to create an extra set of keys so that you are never locked out of your home, hiding them in a safe space. Make sure that you test out fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as well to keep yourself safe in case of any emergency.

2. Clean Your Home

The previous homeowners more than likely sanitized and cleaned your new home before they moved out of it. In today’s world, however, it is better to be safe than sorry and to go ahead and sanitize any area of your home that would make you more comfortable. Wipe down any surfaces such as countertops, sinks, toilets, showers, and even doorknobs and drawer pulls throughout your new home. Deep clean your appliances as well by allowing them to self-clean or by wiping them down and removing any bacteria that may be growing on them.

3. Prepare Yourself for Problems

After moving into your new home, you hopefully will not encounter any problems for a long time. It is better, however, that you do prepare in case some type of home problem does come up so that you are in the know about what to do. Make sure that each breaker in the circuit box, for instance, is labeled in case you blow a surge and find the shut-off valves for the gas and water. Make a kit in which you can store flashlights, non-perishable food items, blankets, and a radio in case the power were to go out too.

4. File Your Documents

After you move into your home, you may think that you are done with needing documents for a long time. You need to make copies of your mortgage and title documents, however, and store the originals in a lockbox that you have the key for. This will aid you in avoiding any disputes that may arise from your lender or even from your new neighbors. Make sure too that you know where your insurance documentation is in case you have a maintenance emergency in your new home.

5. Start Maintenance Tasks

It is unlikely that the new home you move into is completely perfect and free of any maintenance concerns. Even if it is, you need to find professionals who you can trust to perform the maintenance duties which will eventually be required in your home. For the outdoors, look for swimming pool maintenance in Windermere that you can trust or even landscaping crews to keep your lawn manicured and fresh. For the interior, contact plumbers, electricians, and even handymen who are just a quick phone call away when things go wrong so that you do not scramble when it happens.

Final Thoughts

Moving into a new home should be an exciting time for you, but it should also be a time in which you take some important steps to keep yourself safe. This means that you should be physically safe at any moment inside of your home and that you should be safe in case there is an emergency. Make sure that your home is safe at any moment as well through knowing the maintenance personnel you want to work with and by locating all of the valves and breakers that sometimes need to be reset.

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