What to expect in an IVF pregnancy?

IVF treatment is a boon to a lot of childless couples. The treatment has become very popular with a lot of successful IVF births. Infertility can happen to anyone and it has become a common phenomenon nowadays. With advancement in fertility technology, childless couple needn’t worry any longer.

The idea of pregnancy has grown from being a natural phenomenon to being a scientific thing. 1 in 10 couples have their child through an IVF treatment.

People who have conceived naturally for their 1st delivery also have undergone IVF treatment for the 2nd conception due to secondary infertility.

One who have successfully done your IVF at a fertility clinic in Chennai or any other city, your doctor would suggest you to take a blood test between the 10 to 14th day after the egg retrieval. The blood test is done to test the pregnancy hormone, HCG.

You should not be taking any home pregnancy test during your ivf cycle.

This is because, the IVF injection you are taking will be stimulating the hormones and this will make sure you get a positive pregnancy test on the day of taking the injection and return a negative one the day after.

If you really want to take a home pregnancy test, make sure you wait for two weeks after taking the injection.

Always remember that a positive test does not mean that your treatment is over. Your doctor will keep you on continued progesterone hormone support. And these will be provided to you through gels and hormone injections.

The reason why you are given this at regular intervals is to have a consistent hormone flow in the body and this help in conception. Once you have a positive result, it is time you need to be very confident. There are many women who have suffered from miscarriage after this phase. So it very important to take utmost care of yourself.

During your early pregnancy stages, your fertility doctor would suggest an ultra-sound before you start consulting with an obstetrician. This ultrasound will find out your baby’s heartbeat, possibilities of a twin pregnancy or even multiple pregnancies.

By your second ultrasound you will be sure of whether it is a twin pregnancy or single. Finally, you will be released to a regular obstetrician for your regular pregnancy check-ups. This is the stage when the fertility expert makes sure the pregnancy is confirmed and the baby is also healthy.

You can consult in any of the best fertility clinic in Mumbai and other top cities which all provide higher success rates and promise you a healthy pregnancy.

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