The future of smartphones is likely to be a lot like science fiction turned reality. Some amazing features like foldability, for instance, are already a reality.

Let’s look at some amazing technological advancements that are just waiting to be included in smartphones.

Personal secretary? Check. Foldable? Check. 5G-enabled? Check. Window to the universe? Check… well sort of. Wireless charging? Hmm, now we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Or are we?  Upcoming mobile phones could very well charge themselves, right?

Even as recently as 15 years ago, people found the idea of “convergence” (or a mobile phone that would be a phone, a computer and an entertainment zone, all in one) to be a little far-fetched.

Now that this reality stares us in the face — quite literally, in the form of our smartphones, one cannot help but imagine what will come next.

Could the future mobile phone be a tiny circular disc fitted behind the user’s ear or temple, just like one might have seen on a popular sci-fi show or two?

Well, before we jump that far ahead, here are some of the upgrades to mobile phones that seem a lot more within reach.

A universe of unbelievable features:

Now while holographic displays might still call for a little waiting, we’re already seeing foldable phones along with other almost unimaginably awesome features.

Most phones under 25,000 INR already come with a quad-camera array at the back. Now that quad-rear cameras are a norm, it is about time someone stepped up.

Nokia just came out with its five-camera Penta-cam PureView phone; the four-camera norm just took a step up.

One can also definitely expect to see even more intuitive responsiveness from phones, and more AI and VR augmentation and alignment with devices.

Don’t want to restrict yourself to phones under 25,000 INR? Upgrade to the future at hand with No Cost EMI options available on most e-commerce websites, and pay in convenient monthly instalments.

Holographic displays:

No smartphone manufacturer has made any actual headlines about wanting to own the technology, but researchers at Queen’s University Canada presented a prototype of something called HoloFlex, that allows the user to bend the device so as to view holographic images from different angles, while also being able to interact with the holographic image.

We’re not seeing this on any upcoming mobile phones just yet, but we’d sure like to.

Foldable devices:

I’m sure everyone’s ears perked up at the words “bend the device” earlier and indeed, foldable phones are not so much in the future as they are already on offer. One can certainly expect more of them in the future.

Of course, they existed in the past too, but we’re talking foldable screens here. The Morph is a device that can be bent and reshaped as per the user’s whims. It can allegedly be taken apart and can even have additional modules fit in.

Sounds like the Bat-Mobile, doesn’t it? Well, most brands are already working on foldable phones and upcoming mobile phones are likely to boast this feature very soon! Samsung has the tech that one sees on the Galaxy Fold, Motorola has the Razr 5G, and Huawei has its Mate X, and these three flexible phones are already on offer.

Sustainable charging:

A lot of phones under 25,000 INR have wireless charging, such as the Samsung Galaxy A50, the Redmi note 9, the Oppo A 15, the Poco X2 and so on.

But soon, we could have renewable energy charging our cellphones too.  A solar-powered phone prototype was showcased at a mobile phone trade show back in 2016, and while we’re yet to see a smartphone that comes with this outstanding feature, a prototype is a good reason for users to have hope.

In fact, solar-powered phones are not the only answer to charging without carbon footprint. There have been other types of prototypes as well.

You know how dams are used as sources of energy? Well, someone decided that kinetic energy could also be used to power cellphones.

Although it was presented over 10 years ago, the idea holds water, especially now when people almost constantly have their phones in their hands.

Unassumingly named “mechanical mobile”, this prototype has to be spun around (it has a hole, like a donut, in its center) to get charged up.

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