Whether you care about the environment, or about simply being frugal, your old furniture will most likely stay a somewhat valuable asset. Sure, Australia’s financial markets are on the upswing, the economy is pretty solid, but saving a penny or two can still go a long way. On the distinctly practical side of things, a used sofa is very difficult to get rid of. It’s heavy, it’s bulky, its value is much lower than before.

However, there are plenty of options you can try out that will help you get some money from your old furniture, while also being environmentally friendly. Read on to find out what we mean.


The simplest, and perhaps most charitable thing you can do, is to donate furniture. There are many to choose from, and they, of course, are solely based on your location. Some will directly send your furniture to another owner, the will forward it to a person in need. Other charities have a bit more work done, like having ex-convicts or homeless people employed to fix up this furniture.

Another thing you can try is donating your furniture to a local school. They might use it as a prop in a school play, or maybe put it in their lounge. Maybe donating it to your local theatre will lend up being sorely appreciated as well.

Basically, as long as it doesn’t end up on a regular landfill, you will have done your part.

Go online

The internet is a marvellous thing, full of surprises and opportunity. Namely, if you browse online properly, you can find many groups and forums that can help you get rid of your old furniture. On Facebook you can definitely find a group that is willing to trade, swap, buy, or just accept old furniture.

Get somebody to pick it up

One of the best ways you can recycle any clutter you might have, whether it’s a sofa, a couch, or old electronics, is through a garbage clearance company. However, what you should really look for is finding a company that is eco-conscious. Finding a rubbish clearance company that takes environmental issues and problems seriously is very important if you want to get rid of your old furniture properly.

Going online is always a good idea, it provides you with easy access to platforms that can direct you towards ways of getting rid of your junk. Now, the internet is global, but you want to go local. If you’re somewhere in Sydney, hiring skip bins in Blacktown can help you get rid of your furniture. There is no point in hiring a company hundreds of miles away from you, only to have them be unable to reach you, or have them charge you an insane sum because of travel costs.

Trade it in

Ask around, go online (see above), and see if you can trade your furniture in. You can definitely find some shop companies that are willing to trade your old furniture in, and maybe give you a nice discount on any new purchases. Who knows, you might get something free or get a brand new item while adding only a little bit of cash.

Fix it up

Are you good with tools, with your hands? Then maybe you can fix your furniture up yourself. Go online, see if you can find any tutorials and how-to guides. With minimal investment and some elbow grease, you might just learn a new skill and save some money doing it.

On the other hand, maybe everything that’s bothering you with your furniture is just on the surface. For example, it might be in pristine condition, except the upholstery is gone. Figure out if you can fix it yourself. Instead of throwing it out, perhaps all you have to do is have it reupholstered at a local shop.


And there you have it folks, a couple of ideas, tricks, and tips on what to do with your old furniture. You can always trade it in, donate it to a school or to a homeless shelter. Going online and checking out if anybody truly needs it also works wonders. You can have somebody pick it up or, if you are so inclined, just work on it a bit and upscale your old furniture.

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