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What to Do When You Regret Getting That Tattoo

When you got the tattoo on your ankle, it seemed like such a good idea. Now, every time you see it, you cringe and regret ever putting a needle to your skin.

These days, tons of people get tattoos that they love and cherish for their whole lives. But, about 17% of adults who have tattoos regret one or more of the tattoos that they have.

But, what can you do if you decide that you no longer want a tattoo on your body? Keep reading to learn how to handle your tattoo regret so you can get your confidence back.

What Causes Tattoo Regret?

There are tons of reasons why a person would regret a tattoo. Getting a tattoo while intoxicated, when you’re too young, or on a whim are surefire ways to end up with some regrets.

The most common reason people regret getting a tattoo is when they get someone else’s name tattooed on their body. Significant others may not always stay with you. If you feel the need to get a name tattooed, pick your kid’s names or the names of your parents.

Ways to Deal With an Unwanted Tattoo

Ok, so you have a tattoo you don’t want anyone to see, even you! What can you do to hide the monstrosity? Here are a few options to help you hide an unwanted tattoo.

Cover It with Clothing

The easiest way to cover up an unwanted tattoo is to cover that area with clothing. During the winter, your layers should hide most tattoos. But, hiding larger tattoos can get tricky, and wearing long sleeves or layers in warm weather is uncomfortable.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal uses high-powered lasers to fade your tattoo over several sessions. It’s important to know that this process hurts more than getting the tattoo in the first place sometimes.

A specialist will go over all the risks and aftercare information during your consultation. But, check out betteroff.com for more information about the whole process of getting a tattoo removed in this way.

Cover-up Tattoos

Sometimes, if the unwanted tattoo isn’t too big or dark, then a skilled artist can make it into a different tattoo that you like better. If your tattoo is too dark, you may want to get a couple of sessions of laser removal to lighten it before attempting a cover-up so you don’t see it through the cover-up.

Your Body Is Your Journal, Make Sure They Tell Your Story

We all know that tattoos are permanent, but sometimes we choose to put things on our body without thinking about the long-term ramifications. Our tastes change, our lives change, and you may not want that pin up on your arm when your young daughter asks about why she has no top on!

Take time to choose a tattoo that speaks to you as a person or has a significant meaning to you. Also, take time to research a good artist who can tattoo the style you’re interested in. Sometimes an artist has strong skills in one tattoo style but not so strong in the style you want.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few ways to deal with your tattoo regret. If you’re looking for more awesome articles about lifestyles, beauty, fashion, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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